Letters to the editor: July 11, 2012

Fourth of Ju­ly en­ter­tain­ment was garbage
I can­not be­lieve that May­or Nut­ter thinks Phil­adelphia should have na­tion­al cov­er­age for our Wel­come Amer­ica con­cert and fire­works.
The city of Phil­adelphia will nev­er re­ceive na­tion­al cov­er­age when they con­tin­ue to provide hor­rible en­ter­tain­ment year after year. When will the city get some class and provide en­ter­tain­ment meant to cel­eb­rate our na­tion’s in­de­pend­ence? Just look at the oth­er ma­jor cit­ies and what they provide on the Fourth of Ju­ly — Bo­ston, New York City and Wash­ing­ton, D.C. If I’m not mis­taken, Phil­adelphia is the birth­place of Amer­ica. We should act like it.
Get some class en­ter­tain­ment next year. Year after year it is the same old garbage.
Happy birth­day, Amer­ica!!
Mark Puck­er

Why is the Fort Hood sus­pect still alive?
In Novem­ber 2009, Ma­jor Nid­al Has­an shot and killed 13 sol­diers at Fort Hood army base. He was a psy­chi­at­rist and a ter­ror­ist in the U.S. Army. He did this for his boss, Osama bin Laden. Why hasn’t this man been brought to tri­al? He was shot and para­lyzed from the waist down and has been sit­ting in a pris­on cell since 2009. Med­ic­al ex­penses, food, and pos­sibly de­fense law­yers are at the tax­pay­ers’ ex­pense. He should have been ex­ecuted in 2009. He is be­ing catered to by pris­on staff. He’s al­lowed to pray to his Al­lah and will be “re­war­ded” for his good deed and go to heav­en.
Jerry Foglia Sr.

Taxes and Hen­on
Way to go to all the nit­wits who voted for Coun­cil­man Bobby “I’ll raise your taxes” Hen­on. So tired of these tax-and- spend Demo­crats and the dumb sheeple who keep vot­ing for these creeps. How about us­ing your brain and stop vot­ing for your party?
We all have to pay be­cause of brain­washed Demo­crats.
Da­mon R. Fish­er

Early child­hood edu­ca­tion is the cure
Are our schools fail­ing our chil­dren, or are we to blame? 41.8 per­cent of third-graders in Phil­adelphia County scored be­low pro­fi­cient on the 2010 PSSA read­ing test (22.1 per­cent of third-graders statewide). Re­search has shown that we can stop this de­cline in edu­ca­tion be­fore it starts.
When chil­dren have a sol­id early child­hood found­a­tion, they suc­ceed in school and life. Un­for­tu­nately, many of our 101,053 chil­dren un­der the age of 5 are already at high risk for school fail­ure be­cause of pre­de­ter­mined risk factors that in­clude poverty, par­ent’s edu­ca­tion, ab­use and neg­lect, little or no pre-nat­al care, and the list goes on.
The more risk factors a child has, the more likely they are to fail be­fore they even enter school. Where will our city be in 20 years if 101,053 of its pop­u­la­tion is peppered with fail­ure?
The com­munity needs to be aware of op­por­tun­it­ies avail­able for our city’s chil­dren and change this vi­cious down­ward spir­al. Qual­ity early child­hood edu­ca­tion is key.  Un­for­tu­nately, people per­ceive early edu­ca­tion as babysit­ting.  However, this is the cure to the sick­ness that has been plaguing our school sys­tem.
Pro­grams like Child Care Works, Key­stone Stars, Early In­ter­ven­tion, Head Start, and Pre-K Counts are the cata­lysts for suc­cess. We need to con­tin­ue to in­vest in these ini­ti­at­ives in or­der to in­vest in the fu­ture of our city.
Melissa Blatz

Health care rul­ing spurs mixed re­ac­tion
Some com­ments are in or­der con­cern­ing your re­cent North­east Times ed­it­or­i­al tout­ing so-called Obama­care (Vic­tory for Amer­ica, Ju­ly 4 is­sue). Though clearly slanted in fa­vor of the Pa­tient Pro­tec­tion and Af­ford­able Care Act, your screed did hold my at­ten­tion.    
At first.
Then came the halfway point. My eyes came to the sen­tence wherein the ed­it­or­i­al called Glenn Beck a “right-wing wacko.”
In­censed, I could read no fur­ther. All I could see in my mind’s eye was a nine-let­ter word be­gin­ning with the let­ter “h” that I think ap­plies to the polit­ic­al left now and forever. That word is hy­po­crisy.
Wasn’t it the left, led by its me­dia out­lets and pun­dits, who not long ago were col­lect­ively call­ing for ci­vil­ity in our na­tion­al dis­course after the shoot­ing of a con­gress­wo­man?
And yet, there it was, a clear lack of ci­vil­ity in an ed­it­or­i­al, iron­ic­ally enough, car­ried in your pa­per’s In­de­pend­ence Day is­sue, a time when Amer­ic­ans, re­gard­less of their polit­ic­al philo­sophies and views, should come to­geth­er (if only for a day) to cel­eb­rate the mys­tic­al chords of memory that bind us as a people. I must now ask, was that ap­peal for ci­vil­ity only meant to ap­ply to con­ser­vat­ives?
George Tomez­sko
Fox Chase

• • •

I liked read­ing your ed­it­or­i­al in sup­port of Obama­care. While the law could have been bet­ter, it’s the best we have so far. Leav­ing 30 mil­lion Amer­ic­ans without health care and the rest of us at the mercy of an un­res­trained health care in­dustry will soon come to an end.
I’m es­pe­cially glad that a young mem­ber of my fam­ily with a very ser­i­ous health con­di­tion can re­main on her moth­er’s in­sur­ance un­til age 26. After that, no in­sur­ance pro­vider can deny her cov­er­age or even cap it.
Ben Lar­ic­cia

• • •

I’m glad you are happy about this de­bacle be­ing en­dorsed by the Su­preme Court. You seem to think it will save Medi­care. It is, for starters, go­ing to take $500 bil­lion from Medi­care. How do you and the dum­bocrats pro­pose to pay for this? Amer­ica is already over 15 tril­lion dol­lars in debt.
I hope you are thrilled when a gov­ern­ment pan­el de­cides what, if any, care your loved ones re­ceive. There are death pan­els. They might be called something else, but they are death pan­els. The gov­ern­ment will de­cide if a 70-year-old can get the sur­gery he or she may need.
You think the E.R. lines are long now? Ha! You ain’t seen noth­in’ yet! If a “child” still needs to be covered by their par­ents at 25 years old, I pity them.
Medi­care is doomed. Seni­or cit­izens are doomed, un­less, of course, they are mem­bers of Con­gress. Of course, cer­tain people are ex­empt from this hor­ror. Just ask those from coun­tries that have had this type of health care. To be crass, it sucks.
We all know Chief Justice John Roberts was in­tim­id­ated by the Chica­go ma­chine. He is a cow­ard. And, by the way, in­stead of blam­ing Re­pub­lic­ans, re­mem­ber that they were LOCKED out of any talks!
The dum­bocrats also threatened and bribed the few mem­bers of their party that had doubts about this. I know, I am be­ing sar­cast­ic and in­sult­ing to the dum­bocrats, but I got it from listen­ing to them. And the me­dia, you in­cluded.
Pat Dougherty

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