Vote for Best of the Riverwards 2012!

Keep vot­ing un­til Ju­ly 18 to sup­port the best in your neigh­bor­hood!

Our con­test is draw­ing to a close! LAST DAY FOR VOT­ING IS JU­LY 18: all mailed votes must be post­marked by Ju­ly 18; any email or Face­book votes will not be coun­ted after Ju­ly 18. The “BEST OF” is­sue will be pub­lished on Au­gust 1!

Mail to: Star News­pa­pers, Ed­it­or Mi­kala Jam­is­on, 2512 Met­ro­pol­it­an Drive, Tre­vose, PA 19053. Email to, or vote at: www.face­­news­philly. Please write CLEARLY the name and neigh­bor­hood of the per­son or busi­ness.

Write full names and loc­a­tions, or WE WILL NOT COUNT YOUR VOTE!


Best Res­taur­ant:________________________________

Best Deli: _____________________________________

Best Bakery:___________________________________

Best Break­fast or Brunch: ________________________

Best Cheesesteak: _____________________________

Best Ho­agie: __________________________________

Best Pizza: ___________________________________


Best Bar:_____________________________________

Best Happy Hour: ______________________________

Best Beer Dis­trib­ut­or: ___________________________

Best Cof­fee Shop: _____________________________


Best Park / Rec. Cen­ter:___________________________

Best Art Gal­lery: _________________________________

Best Boutique / Gift Shop: _________________________

Best Hair Care / Salon: ____________________________

Best Phar­macy: _________________________________


Best Loc­al Busi­ness Own­er:_______________________

Best Bar­tender:_________________________________

Best Serv­er:____________________________________

Best Coach / Teach­er:____________________________

You can reach at

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