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Editorial: Give Milt a hand

Sociologists call it the “broken window theory.” It goes like this: A broken window in a home or store that goes unrepaired is not only an unattractive nuisance, it also invites vandalism and other crime. Repair the window soon after it breaks, though, and you’ve nipped the problem in the bud, thus preventing a minor problem from becoming a neighborhood eyesore.

Letters to the Editor: January 18, 2012

Help, police: Beef up safety at school zone

So you've got a home brew kit…

In this week's edition of Think Beer…Drink Beer, the Star's resident beer expert Tim Patton shares secrets for how to make a better batch of brew using a purchased home brew kit.

Feeling Crafty

Fishtown's Mary Folino helps get actors in character as costume designer for Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap at the Walnut Street Theatre.

North vs. Kensington

In this week's Riverward Rant, Joe Quigley discusses the differences between North Catholic High School and the Kensington Culinary Arts High School.

Improvements coming to Columbia Ave overpass

Columbia Avenue in Fishtown could soon see an overhaul that includes new street trees, artwork and lighting. Last week, organizers met to discuss the plan. A final meeting is planned for March.

Richmond Street Requiem

While the Port Richmond thoroughfare of Richmond Street has been plagued by vacant properties for decades, new construction in the area and enthusiastic new business owners could help usher the corridor into a brighter, busier future.