CLIP defendant loses pension


The last CLIP de­fend­ant has lost his city pen­sion.

Jer­maine Ad­derly, who was among nine former Com­munity Life Im­prove­ment Pro­gram work­ers who pleaded guilty to rip­ping off North­east res­id­ents, won’t be get­ting any monthly pen­sion checks.

In ad­di­tion to dis­qual­i­fy­ing Ad­derly from re­ceiv­ing pay­ments, the city’s Board of Pen­sions and Re­tire­ment voted to take any money he con­trib­uted to his pen­sion to help make resti­tu­tion to vic­tims, Deputy City So­li­cit­or Joshua Stein told the North­east Times.

The nine CLIP de­fend­ants had vic­tim­ized sev­er­al people, tak­ing money, guns, cloth­ing, jew­elry and oth­er per­son­al pos­ses­sions from homes in Frank­ford, Somer­ton, Ta­cony and Tor­res­dale that they had been sent by the city to clean out and se­cure from mid-2006 through Janu­ary 2008.

Ad­derly, Rycharde Si­c­in­ski, Henry Tur­rentine, Al­gie Cuffee Jr., Al­gie Cuffee Sr., Wil­li­am Roldan, Wil­fredo Cin­tron, An­thony Scarcia and La­mont Wil­li­ams were ar­res­ted in late 2009 on theft, of­fi­cial op­pres­sion and oth­er charges.

By Septem­ber 2011, all had pleaded guilty. None will do more than a max­im­um of three years in jail, but all were ordered to chip in their shares of $108,000 in resti­tu­tion to five vic­tims.

Ad­derly had owed $13,253.59 in resti­tu­tion and about $1,200 in court costs; his ac­tu­al total was $14,568.53. He already has paid that down by $10,000, on­line court re­cords show.

Al­gie Cuffee Jr. owed more than $4,000 for resti­tu­tion and court costs and already has paid it all, re­cords show. His fath­er, Cuffee Sr., owes more than $13,000 for resti­tu­tion and fees and is be­hind in pay­ments, Stein stated in an e-mail last week.

The oth­ers also owe about $14,000 for resti­tu­tion and court costs and are on pay­ment plans. Tur­rentine has ap­pealed the pen­sion board’s de­cisions. If oth­ers also ap­peal, those ap­peals could fur­ther delay get­ting money back to vic­tims, Stein said. ••


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