Their love’s on the right track

Jack­ie and An­thony Mon­tur­ano found true love on the Trenton line. Their train rides to work when they were in their early 20s de­veloped in­to dat­ing and mar­riage and two kids.

The Bustleton couple have been to­geth­er for 10 years and have two young sons. You can read all about them at ht­tp://www.septalovestor­­tail.html/id/116, a SEPTA Web site. Their story was picked by vis­it­ors to the site as among the most ro­mantic trans­it love stor­ies.

SEPTA had asked people who had fallen in love while com­mut­ing to sub­mit their stor­ies, and 14 win­ners were chosen Tues­day, ac­cord­ing to Heath­er Red­fern, a trans­it agency spokes­wo­man.

An­thony no­ticed Jack­ie Ver­not as they boarded the train at the Tor­res­dale sta­tion, he wrote. He was too shy to just go up and just start talk­ing to her, but he lucked out a month later when she star­ted work­ing at the same Cen­ter City com­pany that he did.

They got to know each oth­er and star­ted to date, and that’s when their daily com­mute be­came the ride to ro­mance.

The Mon­tur­anos and the oth­er dozen “SEPTA Sweet­hearts” won prizes that in­clude a ride this Sunday on the “Love Train, a spe­cially dec­or­ated Mar­ket-Frank­ford Line six-car train and a VIP re­cep­tion at SEPTA’s headquar­ters at 1234 Mar­ket St.

It’s a funny thing about how SEPTA and then their jobs brought the Mon­tur­anos to­geth­er. Ac­cord­ing to Jack­ie, they grew up about five or six minutes from each oth­er but had nev­er been any­where near each oth­er un­til they star­ted com­mut­ing to work.

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