Letters to the Editor: February 29, 2012

Fat­tah should seek as­sist­ance for all groups

The School Dis­trict of Phil­adelphia needs money, $60 mil­lion or more, so where will it come from? Our May­or Nut­ter and our be­loved City Coun­cil are again look­ing at the homeown­ers for help. That means an­oth­er hike in prop­erty taxes — you’ll see it hap­pen.

Not too long ago, Con­gress­man Chaka Fat­tah ap­pro­pri­ated $50 mil­lion for the bet­ter­ment of Negro youth.

I al­ways thought that mem­bers of Con­gress were sup­posed to be for all the people, not just cer­tain groups. So, Mr. Fat­tah, why not ap­pro­pri­ate $60 mil­lion to the school dis­trict, or is it ask­ing for too much?

Why not also elim­in­ate the DROP pro­gram, cut Coun­cil staff po­s­i­tions in half, get rid of city cars and cut Coun­cil’s three-month va­ca­tions? All the sav­ings would go to the schools. Case closed.

Jerry Foglia Sr.


Pour more work­ers on fire­house pro­ject

What’s the story with the Ta­cony fire­house? It’s been a mild winter with good weath­er, but every time I drive by the con­struc­tion site, there’s only two or three work­ers do­ing any con­struct­ing. They could have been fin­ished by now if they were us­ing a full crew.

Gene Renye


Tire-slash­ing idi­ots are the real crim­in­als

The re­cent “shmack­ing” scan­dal in Lower Merion in­volving stu­dents ap­pear­ing to be get­ting wasted and act­ing out and post­ing it on You­Tube has the me­dia and school of­fi­cials and the dis­trict at­tor­ney up in arms and ready to pun­ish and pro­sec­ute.

Maybe I’m old-fash­ioned, but that sort of thing was just high school hijinks when I was at LM 45 years ago, and, bar­ring ser­i­ous out­comes, was the sort of thing that got you groun­ded for a month and your ass whipped, not the heavy-handed might of the school and the state fall­ing on you.

That’s what should land squarely on the idi­ots and a-holes who are spray-paint­ing peoples’ cars and slash­ing their tires in May­fair and Holmes­burg. They’re the real crim­in­als, and their ar­rog­ance is bey­ond be­lief, al­most on a par with that of the Lower Merion school of­fi­cials who thought it was OK to re­motely turn on stu­dents’ Web­cams to spy on them and their fam­il­ies.

The tax­pay­ers there are go­ing to have to pick up the tab for the dam­ages on that one. That might make the school board there want to get really shmacked.

Chris Mark


Apo­lo­gize or pa­per goes in the bird cage

I read with dis­dain and saw with dis­gust your re­cent ed­it­or­i­al and in­sult­ing car­toon about the late Car­din­al Bevilac­qua (Feb. 8 edi­tion).

While we Cath­ol­ics are go­ing through a dif­fi­cult time with the ab­use prob­lem that has sur­faced, we cer­tainly don’t ap­pre­ci­ate your pa­per jump­ing on the grave of the car­din­al the day after he was laid to rest.

No doubt your ed­it­or­i­al staff felt that it was fash­ion­able to jump on the band­wag­on of some oth­er pa­pers who are of the opin­ion that it is al­ways open sea­son on Cath­oli­cism, whose mem­bers are pass­ive to slurs and will turn the oth­er cheek.

Be­sides be­ing deeply of­fen­ded by the above, many of your Cath­ol­ic read­ers won­der at your au­da­city in ma­lign­ing the re­li­gion of thou­sands of us who not only read your news­pa­per but like­wise sup­port your ad­vert­isers. I would sug­gest that many of your ad­vert­isers (Naz­areth Hos­pit­al, etc.) cringed at the above-men­tioned opin­ion page and pondered your lack of good busi­ness judg­ment, sens­ib­il­ity and your pre­ju­dice.

With the risk of be­ing labeled as an anti-Cath­ol­ic pa­per, may I sug­gest that you is­sue an apo­logy to calm the ire of many, lest your fine pub­lic­a­tion (up to now) be re­leg­ated to the bot­tom of our bird cages.

Dea­con John C. Hynes


Mr. Hynes lived in Bustleton for 34 years and is a Cath­ol­ic per­man­ent dea­con who min­is­ters weekly in North­east Phil­adelphia.

Rhawn­hurst Turn­ing Point says thank you

On Feb. 4, more than 100 en­thu­si­ast­ic Rhawn­hurst Turn­ing Point sup­port­ers bowled to raise money for this North­east Philly youth cen­ter. Thank you to every­one who made the day a huge suc­cess, in­clud­ing our spon­sors: Han­cock’s Fu­ner­al Home, Fre­d­er­ick’s Chevy on the Blvd., Rhawn­hurst Pres­by­teri­an Church, Mr. Al Tauben­ber­ger, Belis­sima’s Pizza, Shop­Rite of Ox­ford & Levick, the SEPA Syn­od of the ELCA, and Thun­der­bird Lanes on Holme Av­en­ue.

Rhawn­hurst Turn­ing Point, loc­ated at 7812 Castor Ave, is a cen­ter for youth and young adults in sixth grade and up, of­fer­ing free home­work help, a drop-in cen­ter, art classes and ser­vice op­por­tun­it­ies.

For more in­form­a­tion, check us out on­line at www.Rhawn­hurstTurn­ing­Point.com, call 267-601-5147 or e-mail us at Rhawn­hurstTurn­ing­Point@ya­hoo.com

Cheryl Es­posito

Ex­ec­ut­ive dir­ect­or

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