Letters to the Editor: February 22, 2012

How dare Michelle push for healthy kids!

I see this ad­min­is­tra­tion is still at it. Send­ing in thugs to take a child’s lunch away from him! How dare they! If this moth­er doesn’t sue this ad­min­is­tra­tion, then she de­serves everything com­ing down the line.

Also, when did Michelle Obama get a de­gree in nu­tri­tion? She just loves to dic­tate what you should eat. She should look in the mir­ror first. She is not ex­actly slender.

People, wake the heck up. You are rap­idly los­ing your liberty. Just like this tyr­ant warned: He will trans­form Amer­ica. No thank you, Mr. Sor­os, er, Obama. We like Amer­ica the way it’s been for the last 236 years.

Pat Dougherty


Uncle Sam should give us our tax ma­ter­i­al

The IRS has de­cided not to provide tax­pay­ers with a tax book­let and 1040/1040A tax forms.

The tax code has re­ceived many modi­fic­a­tions. Tax­pay­ers need a tax book­let to know what the changes con­sist of. The IRS wants tax­pay­ers to file their tax re­turn via e-mail. I do not have a com­puter, and bet­ter yet, I would not know how to use a com­puter even if I had one.

Our coun­try handed out nearly $2 tril­lion to beef up our eco­nomy, yet the tax­pay­ers are denied a tax book­let and tax forms.

John Horner


Traffic Safety 101: Red means stop

As a seni­or ped­es­tri­an cit­izen, I am con­cerned about red light run­ners at Holme Av­en­ue and Stan­ford Street. RED means STOP, and yet I see cars ra­cing through red lights.

Jean Civ­itillo

Holme Circle

Car­toon was dis­respect­ful to Car­din­al Bevilac­qua

Every week I look for­ward to the North­east Times’ ar­rival, es­pe­cially to read the let­ters to the ed­it­or. Right off the bat I was ap­palled with car­toon­ist Tom Stig­lich’s “R.I.P. Car­din­al Bevilac­qua” in the Feb. 8 edi­tion.

If this man was in­volved with keep­ing pe­do­philes in our par­ishes, he will nev­er rest in peace, but I think your de­pic­tion of his view­ing was bey­ond dis­respect to a per­son who did do a lot of good for many people.

Then there was the let­ter from state Rep. Kev­in Boyle to Sis­ter Mc­Fad­den. I was de­lighted he spoke back to her. So many people be­lieve they are in­volved in a cause and know noth­ing, or very little, which is a dan­ger­ous thing.

Of course every­one wants help to pay for edu­cat­ing their chil­dren and be­lieve vouch­ers are the an­swer. I worry that when any schools re­ceive money from the gov­ern­ment they will start telling us — no, de­mand­ing us — to have the cur­riculums they choose.

Then there was the let­ter from Mi­chael O’Don­nell, who wrote of “charter schools that deny equal ac­cess.” I’ve worked with a charter school in Phil­adelphia for al­most three years. We have more than 3,000 ap­plic­ants for kinder­garten through 12th grade. Our ad­mis­sion is by lot­tery. We deny no one.

I at­tend Cath­ol­ic church every week and am on the boards of both the com­munity civic as­so­ci­ation and the charter school. I am in­volved be­cause I care.

If you want to know what is go­ing on, go to your com­munity meet­ings, meet your rep­res­ent­at­ives, and most of all, get in­volved with your child’s school.

Pat Can­t­well


Double dip­ping is not as bad as it sounds

I have been work­ing at the polls for over 15 years. I thought it was my civic duty to help out at the polls. I even took off from my reg­u­lar job to work the polls, tak­ing a va­ca­tion day. The first couple of years, there were four of us work­ing the polls. Not too bad.

For the last 10 or so years, there have been three of us work­ing the polls. We ac­tu­ally liked it that way. We all get along well, do­ing the job of five people and get­ting paid for five people. (We split the money between the three of us.) It is a long day with a short pay, be­fore we star­ted to double-dip (There is no one reak­ing down the doors to work at the polls.)

Double-dip­ping sounds so wrong, but is it? Now Joe De­Fe­lice wants to cut out double-dip­ping. The salary is be­low min­im­um wage for 14 hours of work. Mr. De­Fe­lice is a state Re­pub­lic­an Party or­gan­izer and we are work­ing for the city of Phil­adelphia, but they are pay­ing less than min­im­um wage. Also, isn’t work­ing any hours over eight con­sidered over­time?

I am really an­noyed at Mr. De­Fe­lice. If we have five people work­ing the polls, wouldn’t they have to pay them? What is the dif­fer­ence pay­ing five people for work­ing or three people do­ing the job of five people?

So with a cut in pay, I quit!!!!!

In­stead of look­ing for two people at our polling place, now they need three. If any­one is in­ter­ested in the job, it is at the Tor­res­dale Boys Club, 65 Ward, 2nd Di­vi­sion. Also, five people are needed for the 65 Ward, 1st Di­vi­sion, which is also at the Tor­res­dale Boys Club.

Mar­garet Sainte Mar­ie

East Tor­res­dale

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