Amazing Kreskin is coming to Sellersville Theater

George Joseph Kresge


Born George Joseph Kresge in 1935, the man to go on to be­come known as The Amaz­ing Kre­skin, will per­form this Sunday at Sellers­ville Theat­er 1894.

“Al­though I make pre­dic­tions, I do not claim to have paranor­mal or clair­voy­ant powers,” said Kre­skin. “When I’m do­ing my show, wheth­er in front of two-hun­dred or two-thou­sand people, I just tell every­one to con­cen­trate fully and their thoughts start com­ing to me.”

Kre­skin, a New Jer­sey nat­ive, said he once told a wo­man in the audi­ence the name of her un­born child, something no one else could have known, not even her hus­band. Of course, Kre­skin was right.

“And an­oth­er time, I told a gen­tle­man in the audi­ence the ex­act seri­al num­ber he had in World War II.” Kre­skin in­sisted.

“But I’m not a psych­ic or a for­tune tell­er,” he con­tin­ued. “I de­scribe my­self as a men­tal­ist and thought read­er. I’m con­stantly tun­ing in­to people’s thoughts and listen­ing to the thoughts they’re send­ing me.”

And all his powers began, he said, when he was just a little boy in ele­ment­ary school dur­ing a game of “hot and cold.”

Later, he played a sim­il­ar game with his broth­er.

“One day, I asked my broth­er to hide a penny some­where in my grand­moth­er’s house. Even­tu­ally, I climbed up on a chair, reached be­hind the cur­tain rod and found the penny,” he said.

In­spired by Lee Falk’s com­ic strip, Man­drake the Ma­gi­cian, a crime-fight­ing stage ma­gi­cian, Kre­skin, who has since leg­ally changed his name, went on to be­come even more pop­u­lar than the strip.

So pop­u­lar, in fact, that the 2008 movie The Great Buck Howard is based on the ex­per­i­ences of writer-dir­ect­or Sean Mc­Ginly, who worked briefly as the road man­ager for Kre­skin. The film starred Tom Hanks and John Malkovich as Kre­skin.

Kre­skin, who has gone on to ap­pear on The To­night Show 61 times, which is more than any oth­er per­former, along with Late Night with Dav­id Let­ter­man, and three times on the new Late Night with Jimmy Fal­lon, made a pre­dic­tion — which he put in a sealed en­vel­ope — about the com­ing elec­tion on the Fal­lon show he hopes to re­veal later on.

He’s made oth­ers. For in­stance, re­gard­ing the U.S. pres­id­en­tial elec­tion in 2008, he logged the res­ults with a writ­ten state­ment made 11 months earli­er. In 2008, he also cor­rectly pre­dicted the res­ults of the Su­per Bowl three days be­fore the game.

And there have been oth­ers, lead­ing him to be called by many the Nos­trada­mus of the 20th cen­tury.

Kre­skin has a re­mark­able abil­ity to find hid­den ob­jects. So great is his abil­ity, that one of his best-known tricks is find­ing his paycheck after a per­form­ance, which he in­structs the audi­ence to hide while he is es­cor­ted off stage and in­to se­clu­sion by oth­er mem­bers of the audi­ence. He’s usu­ally pretty good, only fail­ing to find the check nine times, like the time he lost $51,000 in New Zea­l­and. On those rare oc­ca­sions, the check is donated to char­ity.

But his abil­ity to be right — and to find his check in the most ob­scure places — is mind-blow­ing.

“One,” he ex­plained, “was back at the Uni­versity of Illinois in front of some eight-thou­sand people. I stopped in front of a dis­tin­guished-look­ing gen­tle­man and asked him to open his mouth. He did, but the check was not there. As I began to walk away, I turned back and asked him to take out his up­per plate. And there was my check.”

Today, after more than 50 years in the busi­ness and count­less years on the road, Kre­skin talks about his re­tire­ment.

“My re­tire­ment will be ten days after I pass away,” he laughs. “Why should I ever re­tire? I have too much go­ing for me. I love my work and my whole life has been one big, fab­ulous ad­ven­ture.” ••

For show times and tick­et in­form­a­tion, call 215-257-5808.

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