Editorial: Look out!!

It should come as no great shock that a shock­ingly high per­cent­age of North­east res­id­ents sur­veyed  for a re­cent poll by Pew Char­it­able Trusts think Phil­adelphia has changed for the worse in the last five years.

Whatever the reas­ons — chan­ging demo­graph­ics, rot­ten de­liv­ery of city ser­vices, in­ept city of­fi­cials, a strug­gling eco­nomy, mal­aise, etc. — many long­time res­id­ents think the North­east is go­ing down­hill fast. That’s the per­cep­tion, and per­cep­tion of­ten is real­ity.

Though noth­ing is more hor­rif­ic than the re­cent murders in Ta­cony of the own­er of a Chinese res­taur­ant and a man who had con­fron­ted a neigh­bor to com­plain about dog waste, van­dal­ism that has hit slightly north, in May­fair and Holmes­burg, is troub­ling as well.

Tires on about two dozen cars have been slashed in the last 10 days, and an­oth­er two dozen cars were dam­aged with spray paint earli­er this month. The eco­nom­ic cost in­dubit­ably is great, but so is the cost to the sense of well-be­ing that folks in the Great North­east used to have.

Po­lice have made no ar­rests in the tire slash­ings, but per­haps they need some en­cour­age­ment from their boss. Res­id­ents should call Po­lice Com­mis­sion­er Charles Ram­sey at his down­town of­fice in Po­lice Headquar­ters — 215-686-3149 — to tell the good chief that he must dis­patch enough patrol cars to sat­ur­ate the af­fected areas with po­lice cov­er­age.

Re­mem­ber, though, that while po­lice love to catch the bad guys, they can’t do it all, and they can’t be every­where. They need your help. Look out your win­dow. Join Town Watch. Be nosy. Be very nosy.

This is no time to sit on your hands. ••

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