Editorial: Houston, you had a problem

Much of the Amer­ic­an people’s at­ten­tion has been fo­cused on the shock­ing death Sat­urday of Whit­ney Hou­s­ton.

The singing su­per­star’s voice was one of the best and most cap­tiv­at­ing of all time. The clips of her per­form­ances and the ac­col­ades that have poured in since she was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel room were ex­tremely touch­ing, in­clud­ing the very poignant me­mori­al trib­utes dur­ing Sunday night’s Grammy Awards spec­tacle.

However, it’s im­port­ant to put things in per­spect­ive. Yes, Ms. Hou­s­ton was a beau­ti­ful, glam­or­ous, pampered celebrity whose tal­ent right­fully earned her tons of money, but she was no bet­ter than any­body else, and some might ar­gue she was worse. Point­ing out her checkered past — and the pos­sible role pre­scrip­tion drugs may have had in her de­mise — is not show­ing dis­respect for the dearly de­par­ted.

Did past ab­use by ex-hus­band Bobby Brown lead her to use il­leg­al drugs and ab­use al­co­hol? Did she use those po­ten­tially deadly sins right be­fore she died? Did the drugs and al­co­hol lead to heart prob­lems? Only the Los Angeles cor­on­er knows or will soon know. Whatever the cause of death — ac­ci­dent­al over­dose, de­lib­er­ate over­dose, com­bin­a­tion of pills and booze — there is a les­son for Amer­ica.

Whit­ney Hou­s­ton’s pre­ma­ture passing is a re­mind­er to all of us that while life can be un­fair and cruelly ca­pri­cious, we must con­trol our own des­tiny. It’s up to us to NOT use il­leg­al drugs, to NOT drink too much al­co­hol, to NOT ab­use pre­scrip­tion drugs.

And par­ents, if you love your kids you will re­double ef­forts to keep a close eye on them. They may not un­der­stand now why your vi­gil­ance seems over­bear­ing, but hope­fully they’ll un­der­stand later — and even thank you. ••

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