Super Dad

Nick Tru­bisky is a single dad de­voted to rais­ing his two sons. He’s es­pe­cially an ad­voc­ate for 6-year-old Hunter, who copes with aut­ism.


It’s tough be­ing a single par­ent with two chil­dren. But for Nick Tru­bisky, a single fath­er to sons Nicky, 5, and Hunter, 6, there is an ad­ded chal­lenge : his old­est son is aut­ist­ic. Hunter was dia­gnosed with aut­ism when he was about 3 years-old. At a young age, Hunter was show­ing signs of aut­ism, from a blank stare to some ob­sess­ive-com­puls­ive be­ha­vi­or like lin­ing up his blocks or toy cars and ly­ing be­side them watch­ing the wheels turn. When fam­ily mem­bers urged Nick to take his son to a phys­i­cian, tests con­firmed his fears; Hunter had a form of aut­ism. Nick was up­set, angry at the world. But he knew that he had to do everything he could to get Hunter the help he needed.

Through tu­tor­ing, spe­cial day­cares, and a TSS work­er who works with Hunter on a daily basis, the six year-old is happy and healthy and has come a long way since the days when he wasn’t speak­ing.

I spent nearly three months with the fam­ily, tak­ing pho­tos and in­ter­view­ing them sev­er­al times a week. I give Nick a lot of cred­it, he has a lot on his plate but his love for his chil­dren mo­tiv­ates him to do everything he can for his fam­ily. ••

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