Former bank teller among 10 charged in check-forging conspiracy

Au­thor­it­ies have iden­ti­fied a Wissi­nom­ing wo­man and former bank tell­er as a pivotal fig­ure in an elab­or­ate check-for­ging scheme that net­ted about $40,000 in pro­ceeds.

The Pennsylvania at­tor­ney gen­er­al’s of­fice charged Latosha Mabry, 25, of the 2100 block of An­chor St., and nine oth­ers last Wed­nes­day with raid­ing the check­ing ac­counts of at least four com­pan­ies. As a tell­er at Sov­er­eign Bank in Dresh­er, Mont­gomery County, Mabry al­legedly stole ac­count de­tails for the vic­tim­ized busi­nesses and provided the in­form­a­tion to a co-con­spir­at­or known to in­vest­ig­at­ors only by the nick­name “Beans.”

In­vest­ig­at­ors be­lieve that Beans used the ac­count in­form­a­tion to pro­duce coun­ter­feit checks in amounts ran­ging from $3,000 to $5,500. Oth­er con­spir­at­ors de­pos­ited the bank notes in­to vari­ous per­son­al ac­counts, then used deb­it cards to with­draw the funds.

Chris­toph­er Canty, 30, of West Phil­adelphia’s Car­roll Park sec­tion, and Au­gust Pau­line, 35, of West Phil­adelphia’s Mill Creek sec­tion, al­legedly had dir­ect con­tact with Beans and re­cruited oth­er con­spir­at­ors in­to the scheme. Two ad­di­tion­al de­fend­ants were iden­ti­fied as res­id­ents of West Philly, with three from North Philly, one from Kens­ing­ton and one from South­w­est Philly.

All were charged with for­gery, theft, re­ceiv­ing stolen prop­erty, iden­tity theft, con­spir­acy, bad checks and se­cur­ing doc­u­ments by de­cep­tion. ••

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