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Editorial: Their pledges for 2013

It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year. Yes, gentle readers, it’s time to reveal what we think are (or should be)  the new year’s resolutions of our local and national celebrities. Here are a few:Mayor Michael Nutter: I will abandon all efforts to raise property taxes until the city collects every dollar owed by tax deadbeats.Councilwoman Marian Tasco: I resolve to return to the city treasury the $478,000 in the fake-retirement DROP money I collected a year ago.Teva pharmaceutical company: We resolve to change our minds yet again and build our huge plant at the old Budd company in Somerton.Gov. Tom Corbett: I promise not to lose any sleep worrying that Allyson Schwartz will beat me in 2014.New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie: I will lose a few hundred pounds in my quest to become physically fit so I can fill the White House in four years.Soon-to-be ex-Eagles head coach Andy Reid: I will lose a hundred pounds before I take the helm of another team.Eagles owner Jeff Lurie: I will apologize to everyone who loves Man’s Best Friend for bringing Michael Vick to Philadelphia.Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: I will resign in disgrace after blocking much of President Obama’s agenda but failing to block his re-election.Willard Mitt Romney: I resolve to shock the tea party by admitting that I am a moderate at heart. Newton Leroy Gingrich: I resolve to remain faithful to Callista.William Jefferson Clinton: I resolve to remain faithful to whatshername.Lindsay Lohan: I will stay out of trouble and stay out of the limelight.

Letters to the editor: Dec. 26, 2012 edition

But everything’s quite legal, you sayIt’s so sad that so many children and others lost their lives in Newtown, Conn., by such a senseless violent act via guns. They won’t be celebrating Christmas this year or any other year. But guns are legal, you say. What is also sad and rips a hole in my heart every day is all the little cherubs who are murdered by way of abortion on a daily basis. They will never, ever get to experience a Christmas or a holiday. Ever. But abortion is legal, you say. Sad are the families and friends at the holidays whose loved ones were killed by someone who thought they were better than you and got behind a wheel of a car drunk as a skunk. But alcohol is legal, you say. Now let us add to all the future Christmases without loved ones who will be killed by some pothead who was high as a kite and did something unspeakable (yet to be determined, but soon will be coming to a neighborhood near you). But yet again, marijuana is legal or will be legal in your state. I guess it all comes down to the irresponsible person who has no regard for his/her or anyone else’s life and how he/she chooses to commit murder.Murder is murder. Case closed.Diane McDowellParkwood

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Safe and secure

Go to any local community association meeting, and you’re likely to hear police officials tell folks that one of the  top crimes plaguing the Northeast is home break-ins.

Judge hoops settling into new selfless identity

Sean Tait isn’t sure how much more talented this year’s version of the Father Judge basketball team is compared to last season’s counterpart, but the fourth-year head coach knows this much: the 2012-13 Crusader team is light years improved in terms of selflessness.