Astronaut to attend Hall of Fame event


Former as­tro­naut Chris Fer­guson is ex­pec­ted to at­tend the North­east Phil­adelphia Hall of Fame in­duc­tion ce­re­mony, sched­uled for Sunday, Oct. 21, at Holy Fam­ily Uni­versity.

Fer­guson, who lives in Texas, will be in­duc­ted along with busi­ness and com­munity lead­er Ed Kelly; in­vent­or and sol­ar power pi­on­eer Frank Shuman; civil rights lead­er and anti-apartheid act­iv­ist Le­on Sul­li­van; and sev­en churches, all 200 or more years old.

The ce­re­mony will take place at 1 p.m. at Holy Fam­ily’s Edu­ca­tion and Tech­no­logy Cen­ter.

Fer­guson is a Far North­east nat­ive who at­ten­ded St. Martha Gram­mar School and Arch­bish­op Ry­an High School. A re­tired U.S. Navy cap­tain, he com­pleted three space shuttle mis­sions. He pi­loted At­lantis in 2006 and com­manded En­deav­our in 2008 and At­lantis in 2011.

The 2011 flight was the last space shuttle mis­sion. NASA has elim­in­ated the pro­gram. Today, Fer­guson works for Boe­ing.

Kelly, founder of the Pennypack Park Mu­sic Fest­iv­al and former pres­id­ent of the Great­er North­east Phil­adelphia Cham­ber of Com­merce, died Aug. 20. His fam­ily will ac­cept the award in his place.

Des­cend­ants of Shuman (1862-1918) will ac­cept his award. A former Ta­cony res­id­ent, he in­ven­ted safety glass, which still is used in cars and trains today.

Sul­li­van (1922-2001) will be rep­res­en­ted by fam­ily mem­bers and an of­fi­cial of the Wash­ing­ton, D.C.-based Sul­li­van Found­a­tion. A former Holmes­burg res­id­ent, he foun­ded the Op­por­tun­it­ies In­dus­tri­al­iz­a­tion Cen­ters, which cre­ated  in­ter­na­tion­al job train­ing and life skills pro­grams.

Mem­bers of the fol­low­ing churches are ex­pec­ted to cel­eb­rate their place of wor­ship’s hon­or: United Monthly Meet­ing Frank­ford (foun­ded 1682), By­berry Monthly Meet­ing (1683), Pen­nepack Baptist Church in Bustleton (1688), Trin­ity Church Ox­ford in Lawndale (circa 1698), Pres­by­teri­an Church of Frank­ford (1722), All Saints Epis­copal Church, Tor­res­dale (1772) and Camp­bell AME Church in Frank­ford (1807).

Mean­while, the dead­line is Sept. 26 for loc­al high school stu­dents to sub­mit an es­say on Un­cov­er­ing North­east Philly: What Makes North­east Phil­adelphia Spe­cial?

The es­say can be 750 to 1,000 words. The grand prize is a $2,000 schol­ar­ship to Holy Fam­ily Uni­versity and an iPad.

Hon­or­able men­tion prizes in­clude gift cer­ti­fic­ates to loc­al busi­nesses. The teach­er with the most stu­dents en­ter­ing the con­test will re­ceive a gift cer­ti­fic­ate to the Din­ing Car.

Entries should be e-mailed to lro­toli@holy­fam­

The win­ner of the es­say con­test will be honored at the in­duc­tion ce­re­mony.

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