Letters to the editor for the week of August 15

Will the city ever make things right?

To the ed­it­or:

This is an open let­ter to all Phil­adelphia res­id­ents. If you have prob­lems with backed-up sew­ers and weeds, save your­self the head­ache. Do not call 3-1-1, the Phil­adelphia Wa­ter De­part­ment, CLIP [Com­munity Life Im­prove­ment Pro­grams, run by the May­or’s Of­fice of Neigh­bor­hood Ser­vices], or Phil­adelphia City Coun­cil. The work will not be done to your sat­is­fac­tion, if it is done at all.

Case in point — many people are aware of the sec­tion of Wilmot Street in Brides­burg that dead-ends in the fire of­ficer’s yard out­side of the Nicetown Tower.

Are these people aware that in the weed farm by the tele­phone pole, there is a sew­er that hasn’t been cleaned since 1975?

I called 3-1-1 June 29, and was told when I made a fol­low-up call Ju­ly 17 that PWD claims the sew­er was cleaned Ju­ly 2. Since at that point CLIP had also not re­spon­ded, the 3-1-1 op­er­at­or con­nec­ted me to CLIP.

Hav­ing re­ceived no re­sponse from either agency, I called Coun­cil­man Hen­on’s of­fice and was told I had to give CLIP 14 days’ re­sponse time. Since then, we’ve played phone tag.

Someone did pos­sibly spray the eight to 10-foot high weeds, so now they’re brown and un­gainly.

In the past, the weed farm has been the neigh­bor­hood dump, with drop-offs ran­ging from bikes, scoot­ers, cloth­ing, branches, leaves, grass cut­tings, drug paraphernalia, and un­men­tion­ables.

Neigh­bors don’t care.

Since the city is in­cap­able of mak­ing things right, I’m left with no choice but to make an ap­peal to the me­dia.

If you want to check the 3-1-1 re­port, my ref­er­ence num­ber was 2351414 on June 29.


Alex­is I. Ma­cool



Pray­ing for Sikh vic­tims in Wis­con­sin

To our dear Sikh broth­ers and sis­ters,

At this time of sense­less vi­ol­ence and at­tack on your people and Temple in Wis­con­sin, we, the mem­bers of the Re­li­gious Lead­ers Coun­cil of Great­er Phil­adelphia, an or­gan­iz­a­tion in­clud­ing the top re­li­gious lead­ers of the Chris­ti­an, Muslim, Jew­ish and Baha’i com­munit­ies of Phil­adelphia, stand with you in solid­ar­ity, friend­ship, hope and pray­er.

We are deeply shocked by this hein­ous act of vi­ol­ence against peace­ful, in­no­cent Amer­ic­ans tar­geted at their house of wor­ship, ap­par­ently singled out be­cause of their faith and ap­pear­ance.

We strongly con­demn vi­ol­ence against any re­li­gious group, and we are con­fid­ent that fed­er­al, state and loc­al law en­force­ment of­fi­cials are closely ex­amin­ing the pos­sib­il­ity that this was a hate crime.

We pray for the vic­tims, their fam­il­ies and all their loved ones.

We hope that our city’s ideals  -  which in­clude the birth­place of re­li­gious tol­er­ance and free­dom of wor­ship - will con­tin­ue to in­spire all Amer­ic­ans and all cit­izens of our glob­al com­munity to work to cre­ate so­ci­et­ies that re­flect these ideals, and that we might truly be­come a city of broth­erly love and sis­terly af­fec­tion.


Arch­bish­op Charles J. Chaput

Bish­op Claire Schenot Burkat

Im­am An­war Muhaim­in

Rabbi Dav­id Straus

Co-Con­veners, Re­li­gious Lead­ers Coun­cil of Great­er Phil­adelphia

You can reach at star@bsmphilly.com.

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