Editorial: Let there be light

What do you call a pro­gram that was es­tab­lished by the gov­ern­ment, is run by the gov­ern­ment, was cre­ated to save lives, and is, in fact, sav­ing lives?
A suc­cess.
That’s right, folks. Those cam­er­as that have been catch­ing red-light run­ners at some of the worst in­ter­sec­tions on Roosevelt Boulevard for sev­en years and are pop­ping up at sev­er­al oth­er frus­trat­ingly con­ges­ted in­ter­sec­tions in North­east Philly are do­ing their job.
On the Boulevard alone, the num­ber of ped­es­tri­ans struck and killed by vehicles since the cam­er­as were in­stalled has dropped dra­mat­ic­ally.
In ad­di­tion to adding funds to the city and state from fin­an­cial pen­al­ties im­posed upon red-light run­ners, the cam­er­as are get­ting many mo­tor­ists to do what they should have been do­ing all along — stop driv­ing like ma­ni­acs, re­duce their speed, and ac­tu­ally stop when the traffic light turns red.
It shouldn’t take a rock­et sci­ent­ist — or even a Phil­adelphia De­part­ment of Streets of­fi­cial with a Ph.D in traffic en­gin­eer­ing — to know that the city must do its level best to in­stall cam­er­as at as many busy in­ter­sec­tions as pos­sible, not just in the Great North­east but throughout the City of Broth­erly Speed­ers. Po­lice need all the help they can get to crack down on red-light run­ners. Vig­or­ous en­force­ment of the traffic code, aided by the mar­velous tech­no­logy moun­ted atop poles on the busy streets of the city, will do won­ders to force all the Lead­foots to ease up on the ac­cel­er­at­or and step on the brakes.
Foes of red-light cam­er­as need to re­mem­ber this: We, the people, need gov­ern­ment to pro­tect us from ourselves.
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