Best of the River Wards 2012: Best Hoagie

Win­ner: Primo‚Äôs Ho­agies at 1501 E. Susque­hanna Ave.

Primo’s Ho­agies own­er Frank Pos­pieck said he thinks that the sand­wiches at his shop might have won over so many oth­ers in the neigh­bor­hood thanks to good old-fash­ioned cus­tom­er ser­vice.

“I care that you get what you want,” he said. “I care be­cause you’re a pay­ing cus­tom­er. You de­serve to get it right.” 

With over 25 years of ex­per­i­ence mak­ing sand­wiches, Pos­pieck said that he’s proud to serve the com­munity, and he’s ex­cited that loc­als felt the ho­agies at Primo’s were the best in the area. 

“I live in Port Rich­mond and I work here in Fishtown, and I’ll nev­er leave either one,” he said. “I love these neigh­bor­hoods, and I just want to say thank you so much. This is so greatly ap­pre­ci­ated.” 

Along with his own ex­per­i­ence in the in­dustry, Pos­pieck said that he’s backed by hard­work­ing staff mem­bers, in­clud­ing his wife and son. 

“I’m lucky, I’ve got good guys on my staff,” he said. “This is just a great neigh­bor­hood. I’m happy.” 

When asked if he had a spe­cialty sand­wich or a fa­vor­ite ho­agie, Pos­pieck said he’s eaten so many of the sand­wiches, he couldn’t pos­sibly pick a fa­vor­ite. 

Maybe that task is best left to Primo’s cus­tom­ers.

Swing on by Primo’s Ho­agies at 1501 E. Susque­hanna Ave. to try to pick your own fa­vor­ite. The shop can be con­tac­ted at 215-425-2350.

-Hay­den Mit­man

Run­ner Up: Slack’s Ho­agie Shack at 2499 Ara­mingo Ave.

You can reach at

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