Best of the River Wards 2012: Best Bartender

Win­ner: Jen Bend­er at Tail­gat­ors Sports Bar at 2436 Gaul St.

Jen Bend­er said her win for “Best Bar­tender” was a huge sur­prise.

That’s be­cause the 28-year-old hasn’t been bar­tend­ing much re­cently, as she’s been out on ma­ter­nity leave.

Though she’s ten­ded bar at Tail­gat­ors for over two years, Bend­er said with a smile that she’s been stay­ing off her feet as much as she can while she’s ex­pect­ing.

When asked what makes her this year’s best bar­tender in the River Wards, Bend­er simply laughed and thanked her friends.

She said that over the years, nearly all the bar’s cus­tom­ers have be­come her close friends.

“I mess with every­body and tell them how it is,” she said. “But I met a lot of my really close friends here, and al­most every­body who comes in here is in­vited to my baby shower.”

Bend­er ad­ded that she’s lucky that the bar’s own­ers, Bri­an and Maria Win­ans, treat the em­ploy­ees well and make Tail­gat­ors a fun place to work.

“It doesn’t hurt that the own­ers are so nice,” she said. “It’s just fun. The people make it fun.”

Bend­er said that she is thank­ful to every­one who voted for her, and when asked if she had some spe­cial tricks that make her suc­cess­ful be­hind the bar, she said no.

In­stead, she said she be­lieves her good at­ti­tude and friend­li­ness helped her se­cure the win.

“I mean, it’s a great place to work. What else can I say but ‘thank you’ to every­body?” said Bend­er.


Vis­it Bend­er at Tail­gat­ors Sports Bar at 2436 Gaul St.

- Hay­den Mit­man

Run­ner Up: Stacy Gor­man at Donna’s Bar at 2732 E. Al­legheny Ave. 

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