Trips (Aug. 1, 2012)

KNIGHTS OF COLUM­BUS Au­gust dates avail­able. Utah, Wyom­ing and Idaho. Vis­it U.S. Na­tion­al Parks and Grand Tetons. Pack­ages from $2,249 per per­son, in­clude sedan ser­vice to and from Phil­adelphia In­ter­na­tion­al Air­port, air­fare, trans­fers, 11 meals, pro­fes­sion­al tour guide, vis­its to Jack­son, Yel­low­stone (Old Faith­ful), Jack­son Hole, Idaho Potato Mu­seum and more. 610-892-9767.

BRIS­TOL CUL­TUR­AL AND HIS­TOR­IC­AL FOUND­A­TION Dec. 9 to 13. Ashev­ille, N.C. $565 per per­son, double oc­cu­pancy, $690 single, in­cludes bus and “Christ­mas at the Bilt­more,” fea­tur­ing a candle­light Christ­mas tour of Bilt­more House. Re­serve by Aug. 3. 215-788-9408.

FOX CHASE TRAVEL CLUB & BEN­S­ALEM SENI­ORS Sept. 16 to 20. Wild­wood, N.J. $425 per per­son twin, in­cludes ac­com­mod­a­tions at Olympic Is­land Beach Re­sort, sev­en meals, en­ter­tain­ment, vis­its to Smithville and Cape May, vine­yard tour and more. Fi­nal pay­ment due by Aug. 3. 215-742-3898, 215-884-3820.

FRIENDS OF THE FOX CHASE LIB­RARY Aug. 6. Hun­ter­don Hills Play­house. $87, in­cludes bus, driver’s gra­tu­ity, “The Great Amer­ic­an Song­book 3” and lunch. 215-498-5908, friendsfox­chaselib­

FAM­ILY AND FRIENDS OF HOLY FAM­ILY UNI­VERSITY Sept. 30. New York. $190, in­cludes bus, lunch at Tony DiNa­poli Res­taur­ant, and ”Jer­sey Boys.” Re­serve by Aug. 10. 215-355-0187.

MA­TER­NITY BVM SENI­ORS AND MAKIN’ MEMOR­IES WITH CAYE Nov. 14. New York. $162, in­cludes “Once,” bus and din­ner at King George Inn. Re­serve by Aug. 10. 215-342-5038.

FOX CHASE TRAVEL CLUB Aug. 15 (Date to be con­firmed). New York. $121, in­cludes trans­port­a­tion and the new mu­sic­al “Mil­lion Dol­lar Quar­tet.” 215-742-3898, 215-884-3820.

JEANES HOS­PIT­AL AUX­IL­I­ARY Sept. 18. Sight & Sound, Lan­caster. Pack­age in­cludes bus, lunch at Wil­low Val­ley (with time for shop­ping in gift and bake shops and “Jo­nah.“ Re­ser­va­tions and pay­ment due by Aug. 15. 215-379-4686.

GOLDEN FRIENDS Aug. 21. Phil­lies vs. Reds (Bobble Head Day). $43, in­cludes ho­agie, bus and seat­ing in Sec­tion 306, Rows 14-17. An­oth­er trip: Sept. 8. Phil­lies vs. Rock­ies. $43, in­cludes ho­agie, bus and seat­ing in Sec­tions 332 and 333. 215-335-2287.

IN­CARN­A­TION OF OUR LORD Aug. 22. Lan­caster. $100, in­cludes bus, lunch at Shady Maple, shop­ping time and show, “Jo­nah.” 215-384-6540. 

FRIENDS OF THE FOX CHASE LIB­RARY Aug. 24. Scrant­on. $73, in­cludes tour of Elec­tric City Trol­ley Mu­seum, lunch at Ra­dis­son Lack­awanna Sta­tion Hotel, vis­its to United States Mar­ine Corps League Mu­seum North­east­ern De­tach­ment and Ger­trude Hawk chocol­ate out­let. 215-728-7528, 215-498-5908.

ST. JEROME LADIES GUILD Sept. 6. Nine-day cruise to New Eng­land and Canada on En­chant­ment of the Seas. 215-821-3393, 215-742-1866.

MARLYN FEIN CHAPTER FOX CHASE CAN­CER CEN­TER Sept. 8. New York. $140, in­cludes bus and “Nice Work If You Can Get It” star­ring Mat­thew Bro­d­er­ick. Pro­ceeds be­ne­fit re­search and pa­tient care at Fox Chase Can­cer Cen­ter. 215-969-8366.

GOLDEN FRIENDS OF ST. TIMOTHY Sept. 9 to 13. Wild­wood, N.J. $390, in­cludes ac­com­mod­a­tions at Roy­al Ca­na­dian Re­sort Motel, dol­phin cruise, gala night with dan­cing and en­ter­tain­ment, At­lantic City trip with pack­age, sev­en meals and more. Price in­cludes can­cel­la­tion in­sur­ance. AN­OTH­ER TRIP: Oct. 7 to 12. New Eng­land. $934, in­cludes coastal trains of New Eng­land, nine meals and more. 215-335-2287.

MA­TER­NITY BVM SENI­ORS AND MAKIN’ MEMOR­IES WITH CAYE Sept. 13. New Hope/Ivy­land Rail­road. $83, in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, lunch at Cock ’n Bull Res­taur­ant in Ped­dler’s Vil­lage, wag­on ride at Snipes Farm fol­lowed by marsh­mal­low roast and more. 215-342-5038.

RE­SUR­REC­TION SENI­ORS Sept. 13. New York. Vis­it 9/11 Me­mori­al, Man­hat­tan’s Winter Garden and Little Italy. $87 in­cludes bus, lunch in Little Italy (w/menu choice at table). Bus leaves 7 a.m. from Toys R Us lot at Cottman Av­en­ue and Large Street. 215-725-6892.

NE­SHAM­INY ACTIV­ITY CEN­TER Sept. 15 to 25. El­ev­en-day Alaska cruise/tour on Dia­mond Prin­cess. Prices from $2,873 (double), in­clud­ing air­fare. 215-355-6967.

OUR LADY OF CON­SOL­A­TION SENI­ORS Sept. 16 to 20. Wild­wood, N.J. $380, in­cludes ac­com­mod­a­tions at Mon­t­ego Bay and more. 215-332-4124.

VO­GT SENI­ORS Sept. 16 to 20. Wild­wood Crest, N.J. $350 double, in­cludes ac­com­mod­a­tions at the Nas­sau, break­fast, din­ners, Mardi Gras gala, Renault Winery, cab­aret show, casino, Cape May and more. 215-332-2554.

ST. JEROME’S SENI­ORS (JEMS) Sept. 23 to Oct. 3. Bus trip to South Dakota. $1,169, in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, lodging, 20 meals, guided tours of Chica­go, river cruises, vis­its to Bad­lands Na­tion­al Park, Mt. Rush­more Me­mori­al and more. 215-338-3787, 215-333-2785, 215-743-1035.

FOX CHASE TRAVEL CLUB & BEN­S­ALEM SENI­OR CIT­IZENS Nov. 6. Amer­ic­an Mu­sic Theatre. $85, in­cludes Christ­mas show, taxes, driver’s tip, lunch and shop­ping time at Shady Maple. Fi­nal pay­ment due by Sept 26. 215-742-3898 or 215-884-3820.

FRIENDS OF THE FOX CHASE LIB­RARY Sept. 27. Har­ris­burg. $90, in­cludes bus, vis­its to the Doll House Mu­seum and Na­tion­al Civil War Mu­seum, lunch, cruise on Pride of the Susque­hanna ri­ver­boat and more. 215-728-7528, 218-498-5908.

BRIS­TOL CUL­TUR­AL AND HIS­TOR­IC­AL FOUND­A­TION, INC. Sept. 29 to Oct. 8. “Trains and canyons of the South­w­est,” in­cludes the Al­buquerque Bal­loon Fiesta. Prices start at $3,169. 215-788-9408.

MARLYN FEIN CHAPTER, FOX CHASE CAN­CER CEN­TER Sept. 29 to Oct. 6. Car­ni­val cruise to New Eng­land and Canada. Leaves from New York. Cab­ins start at $631.10 per per­son. 215-860-3710.

FOX CHASE TRAVEL CLUB & BEN­S­ALEM SENI­OR CIT­IZENS Dec 3. “Hol­ly­wood Canteen” Hol­i­day Trib­ute Show, Trop­ic­ana Casino, At­lantic City. $45 in­cludes taxes and  driver tip. $25 due with re­ser­va­tion. Bal­ance due by Oct 1. Show 3:30 p.m., $15 Slot Play. 215-742-3898 or 215-884-3820.

ST. WIL­LI­AM’S SENI­OR CIT­IZENS  Oct. 3. Amer­ic­an Mu­sic Theat­er, Lan­caster. $75. Show in­cludes mu­sic from Elvis, Frank Sinatra, etc. 215-725-5697.

FOX CHASE TRAVEL CLUB & BEN­S­ALEM SENI­OR CIT­IZENS Oct. 4. Oc­to­ber­fest Der Lieber at Doolan’s, Spring Lake, N.J. $70 in­cludes taxes & driver tip. $30 due with re­ser­va­tion. Bal­ance $40 due by Sept 16. All-Star Mu­sic­al Re­vue. Ger­man and Amer­ic­an food and mu­sic. One-hour open bar. 215-742-3898 or 215-884-3820.

RE­SUR­REC­TION SENI­ORS Oct. 10. Ehrhardt’s Din­ner Theatre. $89, in­cludes 10 a.m. train ride w/cof­fee & apple streusel, ride to Ehrhardt’s on Lake Wal­len­pau­pack, 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Fam­ily-style meal, 2:20 “The Joey Vin­cent Show,” 3:30 snack for de­par­ture home. Call Mary at 215-725-6892.

SENI­OR BELLES ’N BEAUX Oct. 10. Oc­to­ber­fest at Doolan’s in Staten Is­land. $84, in­cludes lunch­eon with one-hour open bar, Bav­ari­an mu­sic­al re­vue, comedi­an and all star band show. 215-805-0462, 267-325-4181.

GIB­BONS ATH­LET­IC AS­SO­CI­ATION Oct. 13. New York. Pack­age in­cludes bus, free time, choice of newly re­vived mu­sic­al “Evita” star­ring Ricky Mar­tin, “News­ies” and “Charlie Chap­lin,” a mu­sic­al about his life, and din­ner in New York. 215-722-4497, 215-722-8825.

FOX CHASE TRAVEL CLUB & BEN­S­ALEM SENI­ORS Oct. 16. Penn’s Peak, Jim Thorpe. $82, in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, fam­ily-style lunch, tax and tip, King Henry & The Show­men an­niversary spe­cial and driver’s gra­tu­ity. Full and fi­nal pay­ment due by Aug. 24. 215-742-3898, 215-884-3820.

LEIS­URE TIMERS Oct. 23. Phil­adelphia Premi­um Out­lets, Lim­er­ick, Pa. $23, in­cludes bus, tote bag and coupon book. 215-637-1669, 215-969-1994.

FRIENDS OF THE FOX CHASE LIB­RARY Oct. 24. Penn’s Peak, Jim Thorpe, Pa. $85, in­cludes bus, driver’s tip, “The Swing Dolls” and a vis­it to Coun­try Junc­tion, the “World’s Largest Gen­er­al Store.” 215-498-5908, friendsfox­chaselib­

MA­TER­NITY BVM SENI­ORS AND MAKIN’ MEMOR­IES WITH CAYE Oct. 24. New York. $175, in­cludes bus, “Nice Work if You Can Get It” with Mat­thew Bro­d­er­ick and lunch at Heart­land Brew­ery. 215-342-5038.

GIB­BONS ATH­LET­IC AS­SO­CI­ATION Oct. 27. New York. Pack­age in­cludes bus, “Nice Work if You Can Get It” star­ring Mat­thew Bro­d­er­ick, free time and din­ner in New York. 215-722-8825, 215-722-4497.

TEMPLE MEN­ORAH KENE­SETH CHAI SIS­TER­HOOD Oct. 28. Ritz Theat­er, N.J. $74, in­cludes bus, “South Pa­cific”, and din­ner at The Coast­line Res­taur­ant. 215-725-2002.

RE­SUR­REC­TION ALUMNI, FAM­ILY AND FRIENDS Nov. 1 to 18. Roy­al Carib­bean cruise and air pack­age to Italy from $2,295 per per­son, in­cludes air from Phil­adelphia to Rome and Hou­s­ton, Texas to Phil­adelphia. port and air taxes. Vis­it Rome, Cart­agena, Seville, Malaga, Ca­nary Is­lands and Galve­ston. 610-892-1166.

KNIGHTS OF COLUM­BUS Nov. 2 to 17. West­ern Europe to USA cruise on the Grand Prin­cess. Pack­ages from $2,149 per per­son, in­clude air­fare from Phil­adelphia to Lon­don, vis­its to Par­is, Nor­mandy, Spain, Por­tugal, Ber­muda, air­fare from Ft. Laud­er­dale to Phil­adelphia and more. 610-892-9767.

CHRIST THE KING LADIES AUX­IL­I­ARY Nov. 3. Sight & Sound Mil­len­ni­um Theatre to see “Jo­nah.” Fam­ily-style meal at Plain & Fancy Farm. $150 adult, $125 teen, $100 child. De­pos­it of $50 to se­cure re­ser­va­tion, bal­ance due by Sept. 23. 267-688-9171 or 215-612-0079.

GOLDEN FRIENDS Dec. 4. Her­shey Hotel for Christ­mas in Chocol­at­etown. $85, in­cludes sit-down lunch, vis­it to Chocol­ate World, tour of Her­shey and Christ­mas lights. Fi­nal pay­ment by Nov. 4. 215-335-2287.  

FRIENDS OF THE FOX CHASE LIB­RARY Nov. 7. Doolan’s Shore Club in Spring Lake, N.J. for an Ir­ish wake. $80, in­cludes bus, four-hour lunch­eon show, one-hour open bar, snacks on bus and driver’s tip. 215-728-7528, 215-498-5908.

TLA RHAWN­HURST Nov. 8. Christ­mas in Para­dise at Rain­bow Din­ner Theat­er. Trip in­cludes a stop at Kit­chen Kettle Vil­lage.  $81. 215-743-6708.

LEIS­URE TIMERS Nov. 11. New York. $98, in­cludes bus and Ra­dio City Mu­sic Hall Christ­mas show. Bus only $35. 215-637-1699, 215-969-1994.

ST. WIL­LI­AMS SENI­OR CIT­IZENS Nov. 13. $87 to Hun­ter­don Hills Din­ner Theat­er, “Christ­mas in the Play­house.”Sit-down lunch­eon.  215-725-5697.

FOX CHASE TRAVEL CLUB & BEN­S­ALEM SENI­ORS Nov. 15. Amer­ic­an Mu­sic Theat­er. $85, in­cludes bus, lunch and shop­ping at Shady Maple, Christ­mas show, all taxes and tips. Fi­nal pay­ment due by Oct. 3. 215-742-3898, 215-884-3820.

RE­SUR­REC­TION SENI­ORS Nov. 16. The Von Trapp’s Great Grand­chil­dren, Christ­mas Sea­son Con­cert. $143. Sit down lunch­eon at Arts Quest Cen­ter, free time Christ­kindle Mar­ket, Night Light Tour of Beth­le­hem. Leave 9 a.m. Large and Vista streets. Ar­rive home 7:30 to 8 p.m. De­pos­it re­quire­ments and oth­er info: Mary, 215-725-6892.

FRIENDS OF THE FOX CHASE LIB­RARY Nov. 27. Long­wood Gar­dens. $80, in­cludes bus, vis­it to Neucha­tel Swiss Chocol­ates Fact­ory Out­let, lunch at the Farm­house Res­taur­ant, tour of the gar­dens and more. 215-728-7528, 215-498-5908.

PRIME TIMES OF MAY­FAIR Nov. 29. Christ­mas in Beth­le­hem. $89, in­cludes Beth­le­hem the Christ­mas City, film, lunch and mu­sic­al “Christ­mas 1944,” in the new Mu­sikfest Caf&ea­cute;, Fest­iv­al of Trees, bridge light­ing, trans­port­a­tion and all gra­tu­it­ies. Re­serve by Sept 10, 215-676-5423.

CELT­IC HER­IT­AGE FOUND­A­TION OF BRIS­TOL Dec. 3. New York. $150, in­cludes bus, Ra­dio City Christ­mas show and lunch at Car­mine’s Up­town. 215-788-5232, 215-788-8948.

RE­SUR­REC­TION ALUMNI, FAM­ILY AND FRIENDS Jan. 27 to Feb. 2. Carib­bean cruise on Roy­al Carib­bean’s In­de­pend­ence of the Seas. Prices from $1,049 per per­son double oc­cu­pancy, in­clude roundtrip air to/from Ft. Laud­er­dale, taxes, fees and travel pro­tec­tion. Vis­it Grand Cay­man, Ja­maica, and Labadee, Haiti. 610-892-1166. ••

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