Editorial: Voter ID is fair

Un­less Pennsylvania’s so-called Voter ID law is struck down by the courts be­fore The Big Day — the gen­er­al elec­tion on Nov. 6 — every eli­gible voter in the Key­stone State will be re­quired to show poll work­ers val­id photo ID be­fore they’re per­mit­ted to enter the vot­ing booth, thanks to the Re­pub­lic­ans in Har­ris­burg.
People who buy the ar­gu­ment that Voter ID is NOT an at­tempt by the rul­ing Re­pub­lic­ans to sup­press the votes of urb­an Demo­crats and help pres­id­en­tial can­did­ate Wil­lard Mitt Rom­ney win Pennsylvania also be­lieve that the moon is made of cheese. Mike Turzai, the Re­pub­lic­an ma­jor­ity lead­er in the state House of Rep­res­ent­at­ives, ad­mit­ted the GOP’s motives just last month.
Aside from the Re­pub­lic­ans’ ob­vi­ous ul­teri­or motives, however, Voter ID is a good idea. As pro­ponents point out, cit­izens must show photo ID in or­der to pur­chase al­co­hol or gun, drive a car or get in­to the screen­ing line at the air­port. Show­ing val­id ID will pro­tect the in­teg­rity of the vote by vir­tu­ally elim­in­at­ing fraud at the polls.
There’s still ample time for un­re­gistered voters to find the ne­ces­sary doc­u­ments re­quired to ob­tain a state-is­sued Voter ID card. The Pennsylvania De­part­ment of State, which over­sees elec­tions, and PennDOT can do their part to get folks re­gistered — thereby help­ing to in­crease voter par­ti­cip­a­tion and aid­ing the cause of demo­cracy — by send­ing staffers with mo­bile elec­tron­ic ma­chines that veri­fy re­quired doc­u­ments to seni­or cen­ters, nurs­ing homes, etc., to sign up voters on the spot.
Elec­tion Day is more than three months away. May the best-or­gan­ized polit­ic­al party win.

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