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River Ward events for the week of August 8

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In this club, they are all winners

Hailing from across the globe, thirteen winners of a Boys & Girls Club contest visited the Bridesburg Boys & Girls Club last week. What did they all have in common? Their love for the organization itself.

It's unity that makes a safe community

Star Managing Editor Mikala Jamison shares her thoughts on neighborhood safety.

Bringing back that ‘old school’ support

After promising throughout his campaign to be accessible and involved in the River Ward communities, City Councilman Mark Squilla (D-1st dist.) shows he means to keep his promise.

‘Still hope’ for Jones Middle School students

John Paul Jones Middle School has suffered low test scores, spotty teacher attendance and unsafe conditions for years. Now it’s being transformed into the Memphis Street Academy Charter School, and many are excited about the future.

Former priest at Bridesburg church charged with sexual assault of boy, 10

The Rev. Andrew McCormick, a former pastor of St. John Cantius Church in Bridesburg, has been charged with the sexual assault of a young boy.

Sweet success

Little Baby’s Ice Cream is expanding. Now, Fishtown residents can enjoy their favorite tasty treats closer to home.

Editorial: What a bonehead

It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and SteveLove and marriage know no boundaries

Letters to the editor: August 8, 2012

Yo, Philly, show some pride in your city!After living and working in Philadelphia all my life, I have moved to a retirement community in Schuylkill County.I am living near a family that has helped me get settled in, as I need assisted living. I’m grateful for family to help.Small-town life is so different. There is no hustle-bustle and noise of the city streets. A traffic jam is rare. Many people that I have met have lived their entire lives here and maybe visited Philly on a rare occasion.I felt that Philly was a small town compared to New York. We have so much to be proud of, especially now with the new Barnes museum, excellent theaters and restaurants everywhere. Our schools and universities are tops.I am proud to tell people that I am from Philly as I try hard to get used to the quiet of small-town life. Actually, I don’t have to tell people because most people can pick up my “Pfhilly” accent if I ask for “a cup of cawfee.” I didn’t think we spoke oddly, do ya?Enjoy the city, be proud of the Northeast and appreciate what you have.Janice JakubowitczPottsville, Pa., formerly of RhawnhurstKnights in shining carsI was diagnosed with cancer in February. My treatments included 45 radiation therapies and 12 chemotherapies. I stressed over how I was getting to these appointments, until I spoke to an “angel” who said they would help. When my family could not help, the “angels” came. I got to every appointment!When you are sick, having support, kindness and generosity really matters. So far, the treatments have worked and I am grateful for all my angels that gave me hope.Please, if you have a day to give, I can only say you will be rewarded in a way that is indescribable.Eva GebauerFrankfordTake a hike, CouncilmanOnce again in the Soviet Republic of Philadelphia, City Council has spoken with all-knowing wisdom.Councilman James Kenney has decreed the owner of Chick-fil-A must “take a hike.”Just what we need — push successful businesses out of Philadelphia (as if we have loads of them waiting to move in). And what was Chick-fil-A’s crime? The owner said he supported the biblical view of marriage as heterosexual, as he also supports closing his restaurants on Sundays. That’s it. No one who is gay is denied service. Is Mr. Kenney aware of the message he is sending? As a public official he is attacking a private business simply for the common, Christian beliefs of the owner. What does Kenney think of traditional Catholics? And free speech? His words seem deliberately “intolerant” to me. This is all part of a bigger political game plan. Ten years ago it was “all we want is civil unions.” Then it had to be marriage “equality.” Now, even President Obama uses the inclusive “gay, lesbian… bisexual, transgender community.”Pretty soon, gay marriage will be old business, as we push into gender-free, anything goes America. Absurd…or is it?This is not a civil rights issue, it is a technique for destroying religion. If you are seriously religious, you are now a bigot.And if you want to run a business in Philadelphia, prepare to shut up about it — or become an atheist.Richard IaconelliRhawnhurst

Meet the prez

— The new head of the class at the all-girls St. Hubert is unlike any of the others who served before.