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Army Pvt. Karim A. Walk­er and Army Na­tion­al Guard Pvt. Mary C. Lo­gan have gradu­ated from Ba­sic Com­bat Train­ing at Fort Sill, Law­ton, Okla.

Dur­ing the nine weeks of train­ing, the sol­diers stud­ied the Army mis­sion and re­ceived in­struc­tion and train­ing ex­er­cises in drill and ce­re­mon­ies, Army his­tory, core val­ues and tra­di­tions, mil­it­ary cour­tesy, mil­it­ary justice, phys­ic­al fit­ness, first aid, rifle marks­man­ship, weapons use, map read­ing and land nav­ig­a­tion, foot marches, armed and un­armed com­bat, and field man­euvers and tac­tics.

Walk­er, the son of Dor­is Walk­er and Lawrence Walk­er, both of Phil­adelphia, is a 2011 gradu­ate of North­east High School.

Lo­gan, the daugh­ter of George and Joanne Lo­gan of Phil­adelphia, is a 2011 gradu­ate of Ex­cel Academy.


Navy Sea­man Re­cruit Sam­antha M. San­ti­ago, daugh­ter of Madeline San­ti­ago of Trenton, N.J., and Miguel A. Ca­macho of Phil­adelphia, re­cently com­pleted U.S. Navy ba­sic train­ing at Re­cruit Train­ing Com­mand, Great Lakes, Ill.

Dur­ing the eight-week pro­gram, San­ti­ago com­pleted a vari­ety of train­ing that in­cluded classroom study and prac­tic­al in­struc­tion on nav­al cus­toms, first aid, fire­fight­ing, wa­ter safety and sur­viv­al, and ship­board and air­craft safety. An em­phas­is was also placed on phys­ic­al fit­ness.

The cap­stone event of boot camp is Battle Sta­tions. This ex­er­cise gives re­cruits the skills and con­fid­ence they need to suc­ceed in the fleet.

Battle Sta­tions is de­signed to gal­van­ize the ba­sic war­ri­or at­trib­utes of sac­ri­fice, ded­ic­a­tion, team­work and en­dur­ance in each re­cruit through the prac­tic­al ap­plic­a­tion of ba­sic Navy skills and the core val­ues of hon­or, cour­age and com­mit­ment. Its dis­tinctly Navy fla­vor was de­signed to take in­to ac­count what it means to be a sail­or.

San­ti­ago is a 2011 gradu­ate of Trenton Cent­ral High School of Trenton, N.J.


Air Force Air­men Branden Daly and Eric O. Rosa, Air Force Re­serve Air­man 1st Class Chris­toph­er B. Deu­ter and Air Force Air­man 1st Class Sean A. Ca­sey gradu­ated from ba­sic mil­it­ary train­ing at Lack­land Air Force Base, San Ant­o­nio, Texas.

The air­men com­pleted an in­tens­ive, eight-week pro­gram that in­cluded train­ing in mil­it­ary dis­cip­line and stud­ies, Air Force core val­ues, phys­ic­al fit­ness, and ba­sic war­fare prin­ciples and skills.

Air­men who com­plete ba­sic train­ing earn four cred­its to­ward an as­so­ci­ate in ap­plied sci­ence de­gree through the Com­munity Col­lege of the Air Force.

Daly, the son of Lavonne Figley and Joseph Daly of Phil­adelphia, is a 2009 gradu­ate of Phil­adelphia Academy Charter High School.

Rosa, the son of Español Rosa and Heriberto Rosa, both of Phil­adelphia, is a 2004 gradu­ate of North­east Cath­ol­ic High School.

Deu­ter, the son of Anne and Charles Deu­ter of Tampa, Fla., is a 2000 gradu­ate of Fath­er Judge High School. He earned an as­so­ci­ate de­gree in 2007 from ITT Tech­nic­al In­sti­tute, Tampa.

Ca­sey earned dis­tinc­tion as an hon­or gradu­ate. He is the grand­son of Etta Nel­son and son of Robert Ca­sey, both of Phil­adelphia. Ca­sey, a 2001 gradu­ate of Ab­ra­ham Lin­coln High School, earned a bach­el­or’s de­gree in 2008 from Pennsylvania State Uni­versity in Abing­ton.


Mar­ine Corps Pvt. Bi­anca M. Nig­ro, daugh­ter of Pa­tri­cia Nig­ro of Phil­adelphia, re­cently com­pleted 12 weeks of ba­sic train­ing at Mar­ine Corps Re­cruit De­pot, Par­ris Is­land, S.C., de­signed to chal­lenge new Mar­ine re­cruits both phys­ic­ally and men­tally.

Nig­ro and fel­low re­cruits began their train­ing at 5 a.m. by run­ning three miles and per­form­ing calis­then­ics.

In ad­di­tion to the phys­ic­al con­di­tion­ing pro­gram, Nig­ro spent nu­mer­ous hours in classroom and field as­sign­ments, which in­cluded learn­ing first aid, uni­form reg­u­la­tions, com­bat wa­ter sur­viv­al, marks­man­ship, hand-to-hand com­bat and as­sor­ted weapons train­ing. They per­formed close or­der drill and op­er­ated as a small in­fantry unit dur­ing field train­ing.

Nig­ro and oth­er re­cruits also re­ceived in­struc­tion on the Mar­ine Corps’ core val­ues — hon­or, cour­age and com­mit­ment — and what the core val­ues mean in guid­ing per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al con­duct.

Nig­ro and fel­low re­cruits ended the train­ing phase with The Cru­cible, a 54-hour, team evol­u­tion cul­min­at­ing in an emo­tion­al ce­re­mony in which re­cruits are presen­ted the Mar­ine Corps Em­blem, and ad­dressed as Mar­ines for the first time in their ca­reers. ••

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