Bustleton home-invaders are sought by police

Po­lice in­vest­ig­ate a sus­pec­ted home in­va­sion and shoot­ing on the 9300 block of Jam­is­on Ave. at about 2 pm on Tues­day. Po­lice said three men in­vaded a home oc­cu­pied by a man, a tod­dler, and pos­sibly a wo­man and at­temp­ted a rob­bery. A phys­ic­al al­ter­ca­tion between the fath­er and one of the rob­bers led to gun­fire. Po­lice said sev­er­al houses on the block were struck by gun­fire. The three sus­pects fled the scene on foot, leav­ing be­hind a black four-door sedan. No ar­rests have been made yet and po­lice are in­vest­ig­at­ing a motive, Tues­day, April 17, 2012, Phil­adelphia, Pa. (Maria Pouch­nikova)


A Bustleton couple and their 7-year-old son es­caped ser­i­ous in­jury as the fath­er fought off three armed rob­bers who had in­vaded their home on April 17.

The in­truders rang the door­bell of the fam­ily’s town­house at about 2 p.m., ac­cord­ing to Phil­adelphia po­lice. The par­ents were up­stairs, so the young­ster answered the door.

As the rob­bers forced their way in­side, the par­ents raced down­stairs. The 27-year-old fath­er im­me­di­ately fought with one of the in­truders, who car­ried a gun and de­man­ded, “Give me the money; give me the jew­elry; give me everything you have,” po­lice said.

Mean­while, a second in­truder went up­stairs and a third waited by the door, po­lice said. Dur­ing the struggle, the first rob­ber slapped and kicked the 26-year-old moth­er, while the second rob­ber re­turned down­stairs and joined the fracas.

The fath­er even­tu­ally knocked the gun from the hand of the first in­truder, prompt­ing all three rob­bers to flee to­ward a parked get­away car. The fath­er picked up the weapon, chased the sus­pects out­side and fired shots at them, po­lice said.

The rob­bers aban­doned their car and ran south­bound on Jam­is­on Av­en­ue, po­lice said.

The fath­er suffered cuts and bruises to his face, head and body and was treated at Aria Health-Tor­res­dale. The moth­er de­clined med­ic­al treat­ment for bruis­ing on her arm. The child was un­injured.

No gun­shot wounds were re­por­ted, al­though stray bul­lets struck the get­away car and pos­sibly oth­er homes on the block, said po­lice at the crime scene.

In­vest­ig­at­ors are try­ing to identi­fy the rob­bers. The first one was de­scribed as black, 23 to 33 years old, 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall and 160 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes and wore a Navy blue and or­ange Polo shirt, blue jeans and white sneak­ers. He was armed with a hand­gun.

Rob­ber No. 2 was de­scribed as black, 23 to 30 years old, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches tall and 170 pounds. He wore a Polo shirt with blue and white ver­tic­al stripes. The third man was de­scribed as black and 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall. He wore a white v-neck T-shirt, long gray sweat pants and sunglasses.

Call North­east De­tect­ives at 215-686-3153 to re­port in­form­a­tion about the crime. ••


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