Letters to the Editor: April 25, 2012

What’s the mat­ter with kids today?
Who knew the po­lice out­side the middle school by me are there to pro­tect the pub­lic from the kids and not the oth­er way around?
The oth­er day, I was in my back yard with my al­most 2-year-old, when I heard yelling and lots of curs­ing. I looked up the drive­way and there was a gaggle of middle-school kids; it seemed like two girls were get­ting in a fight.
They kept get­ting closer, so I yelled for them to take it back to the street and watch the lan­guage, there was a child nearby. They ac­tu­ally did!
Then I heard horns honk­ing; these kids were just walk­ing right in the middle of the road. For­tu­nately, as quickly as I dialed 911, a po­lice truck came through honk­ing. I re­membered then, they usu­ally hang out around the school when the kids are be­ing let out.
Oh, how I wish the par­ents of some of these kids could see what they are up to when they leave to come home! I hate to be out at that time, be­cause of this. A school-age kid that lives nearby said just the oth­er week some kids went run­ning/fight­ing through his yard.
Boy, I hope we are out of Philly by the time my kid is school age, or at least get her in a charter school; no way she’s go­ing to the school that, sadly, is so con­veni­ently close to us!
Eileen Teti
Castor Gar­dens

The scoop on the poop in North­east Filthy­delphia
With spring here and sum­mer ap­proach­ing, I won­der where we will take our chil­dren to prac­tice base­ball, kick a soc­cer ball, or ride their bikes, for that mat­ter. It seems that every­where you look these days there is dog crap.
This has been an­noy­ing me for quite some time and I can no longer be si­lent about it. As a home­maker and the fact that I live on the out­skirts of a field, I see far too of­ten dog own­ers tak­ing their an­im­als in the field where it is clearly marked at the en­trance that they are for­bid­den.
They let their an­im­als loose or walk on a leash, whatever the case may be, and the dog de­fec­ates while the own­er strolls right on by the fresh, stinky pile! Or I love the own­ers that let the dog free to run while they text on their phones. Hmm, now if your dog takes a dump, which you know it’s go­ing to, how will you know where it goes, and do you even have a bag for cleanup? Oh that’s right, you don’t care! You have no in­ten­tion of pick­ing up after your an­im­al. Shame on you! You’re an in­con­sid­er­ate piece of (dirt) your­self!
It’s a shame a man lost his life over this non­sense two months ago for speak­ing up to one of you losers.
I have been get­ting bom­barded with flies. I know the weath­er has been screwy, but I have been won­der­ing if it has any­thing to do with the fact that I have mounds of crap piles all along my fence line. Not only are the neigh­bor­ing fields filled with crap, you can just walk around the block and find at least 10 to 15 piles on your route.
I am a dog own­er my­self and you would nev­er catch me without a bag. This is not fair to any homeown­er. There are signs every­where ur­ging you to pick up after your an­im­al and warn­ing that you will be fined if you don’t, but who ac­tu­ally fines these selfish pigs? The city? So pretty much your dog needs to poop right in front of a cop in or­der to get a cita­tion? Gotta love when there is fe­ces right in front of a sign, too. It just shows how lame of a per­son you ac­tu­ally are. It’s the law and also com­mon sense. I just don’t get how people can be so ig­nor­ant.
As a per­son who ac­tu­ally cares about the neigh­bor­hood and is con­stantly pick­ing up trash left be­hind by lazy in­di­vidu­als and al­ways is try­ing my best to make everything look nice, I’m the one who suf­fers! Be­cause on a hot sum­mer day hanging clothes out to dry, swim­ming with the kids, or even try­ing to en­ter­tain, I have the rot­ten stench blow­ing in the wind, or my child seems to step in it once a week. This has got­ten so out of con­trol and needs to end.
An­nie Schofield
Mod­ena Park
• • •
It may be a dog that craps here, but it’s a pig that al­lows it.
That’s what the sign on my front lawn says. It’s faded now, so it will come down soon. A friend found it “of­fens­ive.” I won­der if it’s more of­fens­ive than clean­ing up dog fe­ces from my prop­erty, left be­hind by a dog walk­er. An­oth­er neigh­bor, suf­fer­ing the very same in­dig­nit­ies, could re­late. I put that sign up hop­ing to dis­cour­age your lack of con­sid­er­a­tion.
You thought you were clev­er by hav­ing your dog make an­oth­er “de­pos­it” right next to it. Are you a kid, too young to real­ize just how re­puls­ive you are? Do you even know you are tres­passing? Or maybe you’re simply one lazy, slov­enly adult who lives in filth and has no second thoughts of con­tam­in­at­ing the areas of those who do not.
Re­mem­ber the man in Ta­cony who was shot, al­legedly by his neigh­bor, be­cause he com­plained about dog dirt on his lawn? I can cer­tainly em­path­ize with the vic­tim’s an­ger over this naus­eat­ing be­ha­vi­or, but there’s no need for vi­ol­ence, is there?
It’s my prop­erty, so surely I can put on it whatever I choose, can’t I?
M. Holender
West Tor­res­dale

An ap­peal to au­then­t­ic Amer­ic­ans
Last month, self-pro­fessed “Un­doc­u­mented Un­afraid” and “Com­ing Out of the Shad­ows” il­leg­al ali­ens dis­rup­ted traffic and made de­mands in front of the U.S. Im­mig­ra­tion and Cus­toms En­force­ment (ICE) of­fices in Phil­adelphia while their sup­port­ers chanted, “Out of the shad­ows, in­to the streets!” and “Edu­ca­tion, not de­port­a­tion!”
 Our neutered ICE agents, prob­ably cower­ing in their of­fices fol­low­ing the dir­ect­ives of Home­land Se­cur­ity, did noth­ing. We tax­pay­ers are forced to foot the bill for all the ser­vices provided to all of the “Un­afraid” il­leg­al ali­ens and their off­spring. They show their ap­pre­ci­ation for our gov­ern­ment’s lar­gesse by mak­ing de­mands and dis­rupt­ing traffic. Break­ing the law and be­ing “un­afraid” is such a pos­it­ive, en­dear­ing at­ti­tude. What great, coun­try-lov­ing, pat­ri­ot­ic Amer­ic­an cit­izens they would make. Talk about ar­rog­ant in­grates!
 It is time for Amer­ic­an cit­izens to “COME OUT OF THE SHAD­OWS” by con­tact­ing Pennsylvani­ans for Im­mig­ra­tion Con­trol and En­force­ment at CPA@PA4ICE.com. Thank you.
Mar­garet W. Ad­els­ber­ger
Wil­low Grove

Weigh­ing in on Pennsylvania’s voter ID law
Add voter ID to your budget cuts, Mr. Corbett
Voters in the city of Phil­adelphia will find out in the Nov. 6 gen­er­al elec­tion just how big of a waste of time and money the state’s voter ID law is.
The law re­quires all voters to show a form of photo iden­ti­fic­a­tion every time they cast their vote each elec­tion. PennDOT es­tim­ates that roughly 691,000 people in Pennsylvania are without a driver’s li­cense. The poor, seni­ors, stu­dents and dis­abled people are most likely the ma­jor­ity of those 691,000 people. This law will cost ap­prox­im­ately $11 mil­lion, ac­cord­ing to some budget ana­lysts, in a time when Gov. Corbett is cut­ting all budgets 5 per­cent across the board, in­clud­ing many edu­ca­tion pro­grams the state has.
While voter fraud is an im­port­ant is­sue, this is not the time, place nor way to fix it. There are many oth­er solu­tions and many oth­er pro­grams that need aid be­fore we em­bark on an $11 mil­lion ex­ped­i­tion to stop the less than 1 per­cent of voter fraud that oc­curs in every elec­tion.
This bill merely com­bats voter im­per­son­a­tion at the polls, and does noth­ing to stop for­ging of ab­sent­ee bal­lots and re­gis­tra­tions, which is where the ma­jor­ity of voter fraud oc­curs. The law gen­er­ates new ques­tions and prob­lems that need to be ad­dressed, such as:
• Photo IDs cost money. The last time I checked, vot­ing was a right, not a priv­ilege! Who will pay for these re­quired IDs?
• Will poll work­ers be trained to spot a fake ID? If so, by whom? The ma­jor­ity of poll work­ers are eld­erly and have vis­ion prob­lems. Will they have to pass an eye ex­am in or­der to view photo IDs and their fakes?
• Who will work the polls if many poll work­ers can’t spot fake IDs and/or are un­able to at­tend the class to learn what to look for?
• If you lose your wal­let just be­fore an elec­tion or real­ize that your ID has ex­pired, does this mean you will be barred from cast­ing your vote?
• Will people vot­ing ab­sent­ee bal­lots have to show ID? If so, to whom, and who will train them to spot fakes?
These are just a few of the is­sues that will be brought up by this law. This will de­mand a yearly budget and will re­quire the people down at City Hall to keep voter re­cords more up to date than they are presently kept.
How many people have seen someone who died or moved three years ago still on the books when you go in­to vote? The state or city would have to do a much bet­ter job at get­ting the ID to those who re­quire them and this in­cludes those who lost their ori­gin­al ID.
My broth­er loses his house keys four times a year. The prob­ab­il­ity of someone like him (and we all know someone like that) re­tain­ing this ID just to pull it out twice a year is slim. Most people will not real­ize that they don’t have their ID, or find it to be ex­pired right at the polling tables.
These situ­ations will gen­er­ate long lines, hos­til­ity and angry or an­noyed voters. There­fore while you’re in a budget-cut­ting mood, Mr. Corbett, do your­self a fa­vor and throw this bill on the chop­ping block as well.
Dis­cour­aging voters from com­ing out and par­ti­cip­at­ing in the elec­tion pro­cess is a cheap polit­ic­al tac­tic used by of­fi­cials who are cow­ardly and in­sec­ure about their views. Pennsylvani­ans de­serve bet­ter!
Mark A. Evans Jr.
Demo­crat­ic com­mit­tee­man
63rd Ward
Fox Chase

A law that pro­tects vot­ing in­teg­rity? How ter­rible!
The state of Pennsylvania re­quires voter ID to en­sure the ac­cur­acy of our elec­tion pro­cess. Elim­in­at­ing the slight­est per­cep­tion of voter fraud is para­mount in main­tain­ing the pub­lic’s trust and con­fid­ence in our elec­tions. A reas­on­able per­son would ex­pect voter ID to be viewed as an in­tern­al con­trol of checks and bal­ances to pre­vent fraud­u­lent vot­ing by de­ceit­ful people. This is a good thing, right?
Low and be­hold, some would lead you to be­lieve that is not the case. The usu­al sus­pects are moan­ing and groan­ing ac­cus­ing the im­ple­ment­a­tion of voter ID laws as be­ing ra­cist, sex­ist and dis­crim­in­at­ory to­ward the eld­erly and people with dis­ab­il­it­ies.
The usu­al naysay­ers fail to real­ize that some­times something may be ex­actly what it claims to be — a tool to pre­vent un­scru­pu­lous people from cast­ing il­leg­al votes with the in­tent of taint­ing elec­tion res­ults.
In our so­ci­ety, ID is re­quired to open a check­ing ac­count, the loc­al gym re­quires ID to work out, ID is needed to enter a whole­sale club such as Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s, etc.
Uni­ons and private or­gan­iz­a­tions re­quire a show of ID to vote in their elec­tions. Last week, I was asked to pro­duce ID to get a re­fund on a $3.77 bottle of sham­poo at a loc­al drug­store chain.
Let’s not for­get, elec­ted of­fi­cials have the abil­ity to pass laws that may pro­foundly af­fect the lives of Amer­ic­ans for gen­er­a­tions to come. Ima­gine that — hav­ing the same re­quire­ments to vote in a primary or gen­er­al elec­tion as is needed to re­turn a bottle of sham­poo!
Let’s sup­port voter ID in an ef­fort to se­cure the in­teg­rity of our most treas­ured right, the right to vote.
Car­ol O’Bri­en
Pennypack Woods

What’s all of the fuss over voter ID?
I do not un­der­stand the fuss over the new voter ID law. Even May­or Nut­ter is scream­ing this will take us back to the bad old days of voter re­pres­sion.
That is ri­dicu­lous. When I take money from my bank ac­count, I am of­ten asked for a pic­ture ID. If I mail a pack­age at UPS, I will be asked for a pic­ture ID. In fact, I have long vo­lun­teered a pic­ture ID at my loc­al vot­ing place as a simple cour­tesy to the work­ers — be­cause my last name can be hard to spell.
If Grandma needs help in get­ting a photo ID, it’s a prob­lem we can solve. Di­git­al pho­to­graphy is cheap and port­able. And she will find the ID use­ful in many ways.
I think the real con­cern is be­cause a cer­tain polit­ic­al party (my own party, un­for­tu­nately), is very happy to have il­leg­als, dead­beats and oth­er non-re­gistered people, vote.
It is said in Phil­adelphia, even the dead vote. And in fact, there have been times that more people voted in a di­vi­sion than were re­gistered there.
The simple fact is that I am a care­ful, re­spons­ible cit­izen who gives back to his com­munity.
Il­leg­al voters don’t have my val­ues. I don’t want an il­leg­al dis­en­fran­chising ME by can­celing out my vote.
Richard Iac­on­elli

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