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Welcome to the 'search church'

Northern Liberties' SEER Interactive, with its headquarters operating out of a church built in 1850, proudly supports local nonprofit groups.

Comcast Cleans up in Kensington

Hundreds of Comcast employees took to the streets on Comcast Cares Day on Saturday April 21 to give back to the community.

Editorial: The great outdoors

More than 400,000 people call Northeast Philadelphia home, but it’s a safe bet that for many of them, their only exposure to the area along the Delaware River is when they glance at it on the way to or from the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge.That limited exposure should change in a few weeks when Lardner’s Point Park, a 4.5-acre jewel of the outdoors between Robbins Avenue and Levick Street, is formally dedicated for all to enjoy.The trash and debris that once marred the area will be replaced by a medley of amenities, including a walking trail that will be part of a 3,000-mile path along the East Coast, a fishing pier, benches and picnic tables, solar-powered lights, parking, and perhaps most important, trees.Much of the $1.5 million cost of the project came from state funds — in other words, you the taxpayers — so it would behoove able-bodied Northeast denizens to attend the May 14 dedication to check out the new and improved waterfront.With other improvement projects on the horizon, the area soon will offer Northeast residents great reasons to spend some of their leisure time in their community instead of the easy chair.• • •Speaking of treasures, America became a bit poorer last week with the passing of the world’s oldest teenager, music legend Dick Clark.Although watching the New Year’s Eve festivities on TV arguably lost much of its luster when bandleader Guy Lombardo died in 1977, Mr. Clark became a beloved tradition on ABC with his hosting duties on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. This year, New Year’s Eve just won’t be the same. ••Send letters to:

Run to the river for Shadfest

Live music, arts and crafts and the Kenzinger run all return to Penn Treaty Park this weekend.

Are Obama and Romney really that different?

In this week's Riverward Rant, columnist Joe Quigley looks at the front-runners in the Democratic and Republican parties and finds similarities between the two.

Riverward upcoming events for this week-April 25

Listed here are the upcoming events around the neighborhoods for this week. If you'd like see your event listed here, please contact

Letters to the Editor: April 25, 2012

What’s the matter with kids today?Who knew the police outside the middle school by me are there to protect the public from the kids and not the other way around? The other day, I was in my back yard with my almost 2-year-old, when I heard yelling and lots of cursing. I looked up the driveway and there was a gaggle of middle-school kids; it seemed like two girls were getting in a fight.They kept getting closer, so I yelled for them to take it back to the street and watch the language, there was a child nearby. They actually did! Then I heard horns honking; these kids were just walking right in the middle of the road. Fortunately, as quickly as I dialed 911, a police truck came through honking. I remembered then, they usually hang out around the school when the kids are being let out.Oh, how I wish the parents of some of these kids could see what they are up to when they leave to come home! I hate to be out at that time, because of this. A school-age kid that lives nearby said just the other week some kids went running/fighting through his yard.Boy, I hope we are out of Philly by the time my kid is school age, or at least get her in a charter school; no way she’s going to the school that, sadly, is so conveniently close to us!Eileen TetiCastor Gardens

For kids, gambling is a big deal

Parents worry. Why wouldn’t they? There are so many ways their kids can go wrong.

Big antiques show opens on Saturday

The upcoming Philadelphia Antiques Show will give visitors a chance to purchase unique and timeless treasures, while at the same time benefiting Penn Medicine.