Schwartz foe is looking for the write-in stuff


Nath­an Klein­man has an am­bi­tious goal on Tues­day.

Klein­man, 29, is a write-in can­did­ate in the Demo­crat­ic primary in the 13th Con­gres­sion­al Dis­trict against four-term Rep. Allyson Schwartz, who has more than $2.6 mil­lion in her cam­paign treas­ury.

“My goal is to win,” Klein­man said.

Schwartz, 63, served in the Pennsylvania Sen­ate from 1991 to 2004, when she was elec­ted to Con­gress. She was eas­ily re-elec­ted in 2006 and ’08, then sur­vived the Re­pub­lic­an wave of 2010, tak­ing 56 per­cent of the vote against the GOP’s Dee Ad­cock.

Gradu­ally, Schwartz has be­come a big­ger fig­ure with­in the Demo­crat­ic Con­gres­sion­al Cam­paign Com­mit­tee. This cycle, she is the chair­wo­man for re­cruit­ing and can­did­ate ser­vices.

As for the 13th Con­gres­sion­al Dis­trict, it in­cludes 70 per­cent of the North­east, along with por­tions of Mont­gomery County.

Rep. Bob Brady (D-1st dist.), whose dis­trict ex­tends all the way to Swarth­more, rep­res­ents the rest of the North­east.

Schwartz picked up areas of Ol­ney and Felton­ville to off­set the losses of areas taken by Brady, chair­man of the Demo­crat­ic City Com­mit­tee.

Since join­ing Con­gress, Schwartz has fo­cused much of her loc­al at­ten­tion on the city’s north­ern Delaware River wa­ter­front. More than $16 mil­lion in fed­er­al money is be­ing used for a vari­ety of river­front up­grades, all de­signed to in­crease ac­cess for the pub­lic.

She’s also de­livered mil­lions for the Frank­ford and Tor­res­dale av­en­ue com­mer­cial strips in May­fair, Wissi­nom­ing and Ta­cony.

Now, Brady rep­res­ents West May­fair and all of the wa­ter­front from Port Rich­mond to East Tor­res­dale. His new dis­trict even in­cludes 7219 Frank­ford Ave. — the loc­a­tion of Schwartz’s dis­trict of­fice.

Schwartz has also de­livered money to make safety im­prove­ments for mo­tor­ists and ped­es­tri­ans on Roosevelt Boulevard and to im­prove the com­mute for drivers and SEPTA pas­sen­gers on the busy high­way.

More re­cently, she ex­pressed op­pos­i­tion to a pro­posed meth­adone clin­ic in May­fair.

Na­tion­ally, she has fo­cused on im­prov­ing job op­por­tun­it­ies for vet­er­ans and main­tain­ing guar­an­teed be­ne­fits for people on Medi­care. She sat on a com­mit­tee that agreed to pre­serve middle-class tax cuts and ex­tend un­em­ploy­ment be­ne­fits. 

Klein­man comes from the Oc­cupy move­ment. He has also worked for former state Rep. Josh Sha­piro, the Pennsylvania pres­id­en­tial cam­paign of Barack Obama and the U.S. Sen­ate cam­paign of Joe Ses­tak.

In 2008, Klein­man was an Obama del­eg­ate to the Demo­crat­ic Na­tion­al Con­ven­tion in Den­ver.

In his write-in ef­fort, he has picked up the en­dorse­ment of Ses­tak, a former Delaware County con­gress­man.

Klein­man be­lieves Schwartz is a good per­son, but he op­poses her polit­ics.

The chal­lenger sup­ports gay mar­riage, uni­ver­sal health care, med­ic­al marijuana and a free and fair trade policy. He op­poses tax cuts for the rich, the Pat­ri­ot Act, the war in Afgh­anistan and the death pen­alty.

If elec­ted, he would hold reg­u­lar town hall meet­ings. He vows to stand up for the so-called “99 per­cent” and to fo­cus on his job, not rais­ing money for him­self or oth­er can­did­ates.

As for Elec­tion Day, there are more than 500 polling places in the dis­trict, too many for him to have a vo­lun­teer at each loc­a­tion.

“I wish every polling place could be covered,” he said.

Klein­man hopes to have a couple hun­dred vo­lun­teers passing out a piece of lit­er­at­ure that con­trasts him with Schwartz.

Sup­port­ers of the chal­lenger will in­struct voters how to write-in his name.

The can­did­ate is ask­ing sup­port­ers to bring a pen to the polling place or ask an elec­tion work­er to provide them with one.

Dur­ing the last couple of months, Klein­man has handed out fli­ers, sought tra­di­tion­al and so­cial me­dia cov­er­age, at­ten­ded meet­ings and knocked on doors.

Now, it’s up to the voters.

“They have a choice,” he said. ••


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