Islamic clothing helps bank bandit


A rob­ber who wore tra­di­tion­al Is­lam­ic cloth­ing to con­ceal his ap­pear­ance struck at a Cres­centville bank on Fri­day. It is not known if the case is re­lated to a re­cent rash of sim­il­ar heists in the North­east and North areas of the city, in­clud­ing one at the same bank branch.

On April 13 at 11 a.m., the un­known man entered the Wells Fargo branch at 700 Adams Ave., presen­ted a threat­en­ing de­mand note to a tell­er, ob­tained an un­dis­closed amount of cash and fled on foot north­bound on Tabor Road.

He was de­scribed as black, in his mid- to late-20s, with a me­di­um build and wear­ing all black “Muslim garb,” in­clud­ing a robe, a he­ad­dress and a cloth cov­er­ing his en­tire face ex­cept for his eyes.

The Phil­adelphia Po­lice and FBI Vi­ol­ent Crimes Task Force has linked two un­known sus­pects to sev­er­al sim­il­ar bank rob­ber­ies that oc­curred on Dec. 23 and March 14 at 470 W. Chel­ten­ham Ave., on Jan. 6 at 6633 Roosevelt Blvd., on March 20 at 8319 Stenton Ave., and on April 4 at 700 Adams Ave.

Ci­vil­ians should not ap­proach the sus­pects. To re­port in­form­a­tion about the rob­ber­ies, call 215-686-TIPS or 215-418-4000. In an emer­gency, call 911. ••End­Frag­ment 

You can reach at

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