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What lies ahead at St. Boniface?

St. Boniface church, at Hancock and Diamond streets, has been vacant since 2006. A plan to turn the site into a multimillion-dollar housing complex could be impacted by a zoning change proposed by City Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez (D-7th dist.).

"It looked like the sky was on fire"

After the fire that burned the Buck Hosiery building in Kensington to the ground, neighbors have been asked to inspect their homes, especially their roofs, because embers from the fire could have damaged properties throughout the community.

After the fire

Neighbors came together on Sunday to mourn the deaths of firefighters Daniel Sweeney and Lt. Robert Neary, who died fighting the blaze that tore through the old Buck Hosiery building on Monday, April 9.

Riverward upcoming events for April 18

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Editorial: Speak up!

If you don’t know the significance of next Tuesday, you’re probably the kind of person who whines about government but rarely or never bothers to vote. If so, shame on you. Shame, shame, shame on you.There’s a host of important decisions to be made in the primary election. It’s time to select candidates for president, the U.S. House and Senate, the state legislature, attorney general, auditor general and treasurer, and whether you like it or not, some of those men and women are going to retain or win their positions of public trust. Therefore, it’s up to you to know who they are and what they stand for and then give them an earful.Sadly, some of the state representatives and senators up for re-election this year have no opposition whatsoever — no opponents in Tuesday’s primary nor the Nov. 6 general election. In a free and democratic society, that is pathetic.Remember, an active, informed, motivated electorate is many a politician’s worst enemy. Citizens who exercise their right to vote every election day are helping to hold elected officials accountable for their actions — or, too often, their inactions — and in so doing, they demonstrate a sense of self-respect and a desire to do their part to control their own destiny. Yes, gentle readers, the politicians listen to the people, but only if the people speak up. If you sit on your hands on Tuesday thinking that your vote doesn’t count and that the politicians will do what they want anyway, you deserve the consequences. People who don’t vote are essentially inviting politicians to give them the shaft.Even if you think elections force you to pick the lesser of two evils, or the least of all evils, go to the polls anyway. Because in a democracy, silence is never golden.Send letters to:

Letters to the Editor: April 18, 2012

No crossing at the Boulevard crossoverSurprise! The crossover on the Roosevelt Boulevard going southbound in the inner lanes to get to Unruh Avenue has been cemented closed!Now, if you want to cross over from inner lanes to the outer lanes, you have to get over at the Cottman Avenue crossover or go past your streets to Levick Street. Whose idea was that? You would think after over 30 years or more, they would tell you of a change like this. I lost my crossover!Fran KaminskyCastor Gardens