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Air Force Lt. Col. Bri­an P. McLaugh­lin has been se­lec­ted for pro­mo­tion to the rank of col­on­el in the U.S. Air Force.

McLaugh­lin, a com­mand and con­trol dir­ect­or­ate deputy dir­ect­or with 25 years of mil­it­ary ser­vice, is as­signed to the 618th Tanker Air­lift Con­trol Cen­ter, Scott Air Force Base, Bel­leville, Ill.

He is the broth­er of Michele Pry­bella of Phil­adelphia, Pat McLaugh­lin of New Hope and Denny McLaugh­lin of Ben­s­alem. His wife Amy is the daugh­ter of Fran Tuck­er of Grant, Fl.

McLaugh­lin, a 1981 gradu­ate of Ben­s­alem High School, re­ceived a mas­ter’s de­gree from the Uni­versity of Col­or­ado, Col­or­ado Springs in 2004. 


Army Re­serve Capt. Vin­cent C. Cooper and Army Re­serve Sgt. Scott M. Magro are re­turn­ing to the U.S. after de­ploy­ments to Ir­aq serving in sup­port of Op­er­a­tion Ir­aqi Free­dom/New Dawn, or Op­er­a­tion En­dur­ing Free­dom in Afgh­anistan and the South­w­est Asia Theat­er of Op­er­a­tions.

The sol­diers re­turn to Joint Base Dix-McGuire-Lake­hurst, N.J., for de­brief­ing, eval­u­ations and out-pro­cessing pro­ced­ures be­fore re­turn­ing to their reg­u­larly as­signed Army Re­serve or Na­tion­al Guard units.

Op­er­a­tion New Dawn trans­itions and sig­ni­fies a form­al end to U.S. mil­it­ary com­bat op­er­a­tions in Ir­aq.  

The trans­ition shifts the U.S. em­phas­is from pre­dom­in­antly mil­it­ary to pre­dom­in­ately ci­vil­ian as the U.S. of­fi­cials as­sist Ir­aqis in ac­cord­ance with the Stra­tegic Frame­work Agree­ment. 

The three primary mis­sions of U.S. Forces in­clude ad­vising,   as­sist­ing, and train­ing the Ir­aqi Se­cur­ity Forces; con­duct­ing partnered coun­terter­ror­ism op­er­a­tions; and provid­ing sup­port to pro­vin­cial re­con­struc­tion teams and ci­vil­ian part­ners as they help build Ir­aq’s civil ca­pa­city.

Op­er­a­tion En­dur­ing Free­dom is the of­fi­cial name giv­en to anti-ter­ror­ism mil­it­ary op­er­a­tions in­volving U.S. troops and al­lied co­ali­tion part­ners. 

Act­ive duty and re­serve com­pon­ent mem­bers from all branches of the U.S. armed forces have been de­ployed to sup­port the war against glob­al ter­ror­ism out­side the bor­ders of the United States.

U.S. troops serve in South, South­w­est and Cent­ral Asia, the Ar­a­bi­an pen­in­sula, the Horn of Africa, is­lands in the Pa­cific, and Europe.

Cooper and Magro served in sup­port of Op­er­a­tion En­dur­ing Free­dom.

Cooper, a re­source man­age­ment of­ficer with 14 years of mil­it­ary ser­vice, is as­signed to the 359th Theat­er Tac­tic­al Sig­nal Bri­gade, based in Fort Gor­don, Ga.

He is the son of Walt Cooper of Al­lentown, Pa., and broth­er of Walt F. Cooper of Phil­adelphia.

In 1992, the cap­tain gradu­ated from Beth­le­hem Cath­ol­ic High School, Pa. and re­ceived a bach­el­or’s de­gree in 1999 from Kutztown Uni­versity.

Magro, a mil­it­ary po­lice mem­ber with nine years of mil­it­ary ser­vice, is reg­u­larly as­signed to the 372nd Mil­it­ary Po­lice Com­pany, based out of Cum­ber­land, Md.

He is the son of Bar­bara A. Magro of Phil­adelphia. His wife Christine is the daugh­ter of Mi­chael J. and Betty M. Linko of Har­ley­s­ville, Pa.

Magro is a 1991 gradu­ate of North Penn High School, Lans­dale, Pa.


Air Force Air­man Rus­sell W. Chap­in, Air Force Re­serve Air­man An­thony Ret­tano, Air Force Re­serve Air­men 1st Class Jes­sica Valdez and Lu­is A. Pena III, and Air Na­tion­al Guard Air­man 1st Class Tyler A. Dewey gradu­ated from ba­sic mil­it­ary train­ing at Lack­land Air Force Base, San Ant­o­nio, Texas.

The air­men com­pleted an in­tens­ive, eight-week pro­gram that in­cluded train­ing in mil­it­ary dis­cip­line and stud­ies, Air Force core val­ues, phys­ic­al fit­ness, and ba­sic war­fare prin­ciples and skills.

Air­men who com­plete ba­sic train­ing earn four cred­its to­ward an as­so­ci­ate in ap­plied sci­ence de­gree through the Com­munity Col­lege of the Air Force.

Chap­in, the son of Rus­sell Chap­in of Phil­adelphia, is a 2010 gradu­ate of Ab­ra­ham Lin­coln High School.

Ret­tano, the son of An­thony Ret­tano Sr. of Phil­adelphia, is a 2008 gradu­ate of North­east High School.

Valdez is the daugh­ter of Al­berto Valdez of Phil­adelphia and Janette Brandon of Dec­atur, Ga.

Pena is the son of Eliza­beth Torres of Phil­adelphia and Lu­is Pena of Bridge­port, Conn.

Dewey, the son of Steph­en and Sara Dewey of Phil­adelphia, is a 2010 Fath­er Judge High School gradu­ate. ••

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