Pair face drug charges after police make a bust at Burholme house

An in­vest­ig­a­tion in­to street-corner heroin deal­ers in North Phil­adelphia led po­lice to a twin home on a typ­ic­ally peace­ful block in Burholme last week. There, of­ficers ar­res­ted two men and al­legedly seized heroin worth al­most a half-mil­lion dol­lars.

The raid oc­curred Oct. 19 at 842 Dis­ston St. in a non-descript brick two-story twin house used by Domin­ic­an-af­fil­i­ated drug sup­pli­ers as a stash house and pack­aging fa­cil­ity, ac­cord­ing to Sgt. Robert Fri­el of the Nar­cot­ics Field Unit-North.

“It was like they use a res­id­en­tial place in the North­east to do their pack­aging be­cause it doesn’t tip off the cops,” Fri­el said. “They like to do it out of the way. We got no com­plaints (from neigh­bors) on the house, but our in­vest­ig­a­tion led us there.”

While con­duct­ing sur­veil­lance on the house on Oct. 19, of­ficers saw a man exit the prop­erty. They stopped him in the street for ques­tion­ing and al­legedly found 30 bag­gies of bulk heroin total­ing 630 grams on him.

He was later iden­ti­fied as Domin­go Reyes, 45, of the 1400 block of Castor Ave.

While of­ficers were ques­tion­ing Reyes, a second man al­legedly ex­ited the house. Of­ficers de­tained him and later iden­ti­fied him as Robero Gar­cia, 27. Gar­cia iden­ti­fied 842 Dis­ston St. as his home ad­dress.

After se­cur­ing a search war­rant, po­lice entered the house at about 6:40 p.m. and found an ad­di­tion­al 25 bag­gies of bulk heroin total­ing about 549 grams, as well as 2,970 small-quant­ity pack­ets stamped with vari­ous la­bels and total­ing about 89 grams.

The drugs have a com­bined street value of about $418,000, Fri­el said.

Po­lice also seized grinders, pack­aging ma­ter­i­als, scales and stamp­ing ma­ter­i­als from the house. The place had no fur­niture on the first floor and a pack­aging room on the second floor, Fri­el said.

Reyes and Gar­cia were charged with drug dis­tri­bu­tion, drug pos­ses­sion, drug paraphernalia pos­ses­sion and con­spir­acy.

Of­ficers Bri­an My­ers and Jaime Brown of the Nar­cot­ics Field Unit-North con­duc­ted the in­vest­ig­a­tion. ••

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