Letters to the editor October 27, 2011 edition

Resti­tu­tion shouldn’t let thieves off the hook

I don’t un­der­stand something about the Sandra An­der­son case (Scam sus­pect pulls a slow one, Oct. 13 edi­tion): Ac­cord­ing to As­sist­ant Dis­trict At­tor­ney Lisa My­ers, the case was to go for­ward un­less An­der­son paid back $49,000 she stole from her vic­tim, mean­ing, pre­sum­ably, the case will be dis­missed if An­der­son makes resti­tu­tion?

So everything’s OK, all is for­giv­en, if a thief pays back what he or she stole? It’s not OK. Or is it the case that the vic­tim has agreed not to press charges if resti­tu­tion is made?

It’s not ne­ces­sary for a vic­tim to press charges for an ar­rest to be made or a pro­sec­u­tion to go for­ward. It is not for the dir­ect vic­tim of a crime to de­cide who is and who is not to be ar­res­ted and pro­sec­uted for the com­mis­sion of that crime.

Howard J. Wilk


Thank you for the curfew law, city

When I first heard of the city’s curfew law I was wor­ried it would af­fect me in a bad way since I’m still 17. I even doubted that the au­thor­it­ies would reg­u­late the law ef­fect­ively. But now, as I stroll the streets com­ing home from work, I see a great im­prove­ment in the city streets.

Be­fore there were little kids hanging out in groups, walk­ing around, many even caus­ing trouble, and now there’s not even one child un­at­ten­ded on the streets after 10:30.

I ex­press my ap­pre­ci­ation to the par­ents for keep­ing their chil­dren at home, keep­ing them safe. I also ap­plaud May­or Nut­ter and the po­lice force for do­ing a great job and help­ing Phil­adelphia be­come a safer city. Keep it up!

Nayem Quadir

North­east High School stu­dent

Elisa re­stored her faith in hu­man­ity

We are quick to cri­ti­cize man­kind when they fail to meet our ex­pect­a­tions, yet I want to tell you about a won­der­ful act of kind­ness to me by a beau­ti­ful young wo­man named Elisa.

I fell on the pave­ment near Blinds to Go at the corner of Cottman Av­en­ue and Large Street on Fri­day, Sept. 30, about 3:30 p.m. I fell on my face and was bleed­ing pro­fusely.

Elisa rendered me first aid, called the am­bu­lance (al­though I kept think­ing that, with a little bit of help, I could walk home), popped the left lens back in­to my pre­scrip­tion sunglasses, and stayed with me un­til the am­bu­lance (which took a long time in com­ing from North Phil­adelphia) ar­rived.

To render such kind­ness and aid to me, a total stranger, re­news my faith in hu­man­ity. To Elisa and all the oth­er “Elisas” that ex­ist today, may the good Lord keep you safe and well throughout your life­time.

Evelyn C. Dinoff

Castor Gar­dens

Schmidt has the right stuff

I have known Al Schmidt for al­most four years. I am happy to say that he is my friend and I am con­fid­ent he will be a great friend to the city of Phil­adelphia.

Al has all the qual­it­ies the city of Phil­adelphia des­per­ately needs in their elec­ted of­fi­cials. Al is a lov­ing and caring hus­band and fath­er of two daugh­ters. Al holds a unique skill set that he will bring in­to the city com­mis­sion­ers of­fice. Al has im­pec­cable in­teg­rity with un­par­alleled hon­estly. He is loy­al and hard­work­ing with a not­able sense of hu­mor. He truly cares about this city and its fu­ture.

The city com­mis­sion­ers have failed this city. We de­serve bet­ter and we will get the best from Al Schmidt. I have no doubts that Al is the ideal, most qual­i­fied per­son for the job. Please vote for my friend Al Schmidt for city com­mis­sion­er on Nov. 8.  

Steven C. Boc


• • •

I was ap­palled when I read that City Com­mis­sion­er Joe Duda racked up enough gas ex­penses to drive the equi­val­ent of 240 trips to the Shore and back each year. Why do some elec­ted of­fi­cials feel en­titled to things that nor­mal work­ing people have to pay for on their own? The only way to get these guys to do the right thing is by vot­ing them out of of­fice. Joe Duda has been Marge Tartagli­one’s right-hand man for too long to ex­pect any­thing dif­fer­ent from him now.

I’m a Re­pub­lic­an but I’m not pulling the straight R lever. Do­ing that wastes my vote for Al Schmidt and risks the pos­sib­il­ity of four more years of in­com­pet­ence un­der Duda.

Al Schmidt is the only one of the two who will re­form that of­fice. I urge all of you to do the same — vote for ONLY Al Schmidt for city com­mis­sion­er.

Milt Mar­telack


The middle class is gone

This is the greatest coun­try in the world. That is, only if you are wealthy. The coun­try now has two classes of people — rich or poor. There is no longer a middle class.

I be­lieved once that I was in the middle class. However, with the rising cost of food and oth­er es­sen­tials like my new med­ic­al in­sur­ance plan go­ing up every month and drug costs rising, I feel I am rap­idly sink­ing in­to the poor class.

God help this coun­try; the pres­id­ent and Con­gress cer­tainly have failed to do so.

Mar­vin Garber


They’re en­joy­ing life with Bri­an

Your ed­it­or­i­al, The GOP is a flop, in the Sept. 29 edi­tion states the reas­ons why any en­gaged per­son who cares about the North­east would vote for Coun­cil­man Bri­an O’Neill this Novem­ber.

I agree that O’Neill’s of­fice provides ex­cel­lent con­stitu­ent ser­vices, es­pe­cially to youth or­gan­iz­a­tions and seni­or cit­izens.

I also agree that he votes on the right side of the is­sues, in par­tic­u­lar vot­ing against real es­tate tax in­creases.

But the idea that Coun­cil­man O’Neill should not be re-elec­ted based on how he votes re­gard­ing Coun­cil pres­id­ent is ri­dicu­lous.

The ed­it­or­i­al men­tions the Demo­crats are run­ning the city in­to the ground. So, what are we to do, put in O’Neill’s op­pon­ent, a Marge Tartagli­one pat­ron­age em­ploy­ee who de­fends DROP for elec­ted of­fi­cials?

Since Coun­cil­man O’Neill is NOT tak­ing DROP and his op­pon­ent is a de­fend­er of Marge Tartagli­one and oth­er elec­ted of­fi­cials tak­ing DROP, I am vot­ing for Bri­an O’Neill.

Joseph Gar­vey

Fox Chase

• • •

With Elec­tion Day fast ap­proach­ing, I whole­heartedly sup­port the can­did­acy of Coun­cil­man Bri­an O’Neill for re-elec­tion in the 10th Dis­trict in North­east Phil­adelphia.

As a seasoned voter in our city for 40+ years, there is good reas­on for the wide­spread house­hold re­cog­ni­tion of O’Neill’s name, and I take is­sue with those few con­stitu­ents who un­foun­dedly pro­claim “it’s time for a change” when dis­cuss­ing this coun­cil­man­ic race.

There is ab­so­lutely no mer­it to such an un­sub­stan­ti­ated state­ment.

With O’Neill’s eight terms high­light­ing an ex­em­plary re­cord while serving those of us in the North­east, why would any­one ad­voc­ate risk­ing the loss of such a proven com­munity lead­er known for his acu­men, re­source­ful­ness, lead­er­ship and avail­ab­il­ity?

His leg­al ex­pert­ise in zon­ing is­sues is un­par­al­lel with those among his   col­leagues, and any­one who ex­am­ines his vot­ing re­cord throughout his    years in City Coun­cil will be re­as­sured of his genu­ine de­vo­tion and con­cern for,  ot only his dis­trict’s wel­fare, but also that of the en­tire city — even when it some­times meant be­ing the sole op­pos­i­tion vote in a con­tro­ver­sial is­sue.

With loom­ing budget, zon­ing, etc. chal­lenges fa­cing the vi­tal­ity and fu­ture of our North­east com­munity, wheth­er you’re a Demo­crat or Re­pub­lic­an, please tem­por­ar­ily put aside any polit­ic­al la­bels and vote with your heart for a proven can­did­ate whom you know is trust­worthy, de­voted and will con­tin­ue to work hard for our dis­trict — Coun­cil­man Bri­an O’Neill.

Thank you!

Elsie Stevens

Holme Circle

• • •

The North­east Times re­cently re­por­ted on the Boyle broth­ers’ lend­ing their en­dorse­ment to Coun­cil-at-large can­did­ate Den­nis O’Bri­en.

It is nice to see politi­cians put com­munity above party polit­ics, and all three seem to be more than cap­able rep­res­ent­at­ives for North­east Phil­adelphia.

As a lifelong Demo­crat who lives in North­east Phil­adelphia, I want to see my com­munity re­main a great place to live.

For this reas­on I think Brendan and Kev­in Boyle should go one step fur­ther and en­dorse Coun­cil­man Bri­an O’Neill. Even as a Demo­crat, I openly sup­port Bri­an O’Neill be­cause he un­der­stands our neigh­bor­hoods and puts our com­munit­ies above ma­chine polit­ics.

I am com­fort­able with Bri­an O’Neill as my coun­cil­man be­cause he does not have to “fall in line” and in­stead is able to vote with his con­science on neigh­bor­hood is­sues. If Coun­cil­man O’Neill’s op­pon­ent is elec­ted he will vote the way his party bosses tell him to vote, not the way we need him to vote.

This race is not about which polit­ic­al party you be­long to; it is about mak­ing sure we have a coun­cil­man who will keep North­east Phil­adelphia strong.

Kev­in Boyle stated, “We need a cham­pi­on for North­east Phil­adelphia.” Re­spect­fully, Rep. Kev­in Boyle, we already have a cham­pi­on for North­east Phil­adelphia. His name is Bri­an O’Neill.

Mi­chael Gav­in Jr.

Fox Chase

• • •

A friendly neigh­bor of mine had a city prob­lem and dialed 311. The phone rang about 10 times and the neigh­bor was greeted with a taped mes­sage from our may­or say­ing, “Hang in there. Someone will be with you shortly.”

Nobody re­spon­ded un­til three days later. Someone from 311 called “Room 153 City Hall” said, “What’s the prob­lem?”

Well, the prob­lem was already solved. My neigh­bor called Coun­cil­man O’Neill’s of­fice on Bowl­er Street in the mu­ni­cip­al build­ing and got a live per­son to handle a dif­fi­cult situ­ation.

They found a solu­tion, prob­lem solved. She also got a fol­low-up phone call to see if she was happy with the way things were handled.

I my­self worked in the private sec­tor (re­tired now) and the pub­lic sec­tor, and I know people come and go, but this is good cus­tom­er ser­vice!

The late UPS founder Jim Ca­sey once stated, “De­term­ined people work­ing to­geth­er can ac­com­plish any­thing.”

Enough said.

John P. Duffy

Fox Chase

Hen­on is ready to serve the 6th dis­trict

As Bobby Hen­on con­tin­ues his bid for the 6th dis­trict Coun­cil seat that was filled so ably by Joan Kra­jew­ski for these past many years, I am en­cour­aged by the pro­spect of sol­id, at­tent­ive rep­res­ent­a­tion of the dis­trict for years to come.

At Fair­mount Park and else­where I have had the pleas­ure of work­ing with Bobby in his role with one of the strongest and most civic-minded uni­ons in the city of Phil­adelphia.

He is smart, cap­able and per­haps most im­port­antly, com­mit­ted to get­ting things done. His de­mean­or makes him ap­proach­able. His will­ing­ness to work with people, of­ten of widely dif­fer­ing views, through to clos­ure is ad­mir­able. 

These qual­it­ies will serve him well in Coun­cil and should give his con­stitu­ents peace of mind that their needs are be­ing heard and ad­dressed.

The city is big and be­set by is­sues scream­ing for at­ten­tion. From our parks to our busi­nesses and everything in between, I know Bobby will bring our voice to the Coun­cil cham­ber.

Kar­en Lloyd Bor­ski


Just say no to Dav­id Oh

Mil­it­ary ser­vice is hon­or­able duty and should be ac­cep­ted for what it is and should not be em­bel­lished for per­son­al or polit­ic­al gain.

Coun­cil at-large can­did­ate Dav­id Oh made state­ments re­lated to his mil­it­ary ser­vice im­ply­ing that he was a Green Ber­et and de­ployed in Desert Storm when he wasn’t.

This is his third run for City Coun­cil and his cam­paign lit­er­at­ure was wrong, but that didn’t stop him from con­tinu­ing to use it un­til someone checked it for ac­cur­acy and truth­ful­ness.

If you know­ingly mis­lead people, then you don’t de­serve their sup­port. If you do this pri­or to elec­tion, what will you do after the elec­tion? We have bet­ter choices.

Theresa Ram­sey


Cham­ber pres­id­ent should spend $$ on cham­ber mem­bers

As a loc­al small-busi­ness own­er, I was dis­gus­ted by an ad­vert­ise­ment in last week’s North­east Times.

This “ad­vert­ise­ment” was paid for by the Great­er North­east Phil­adelphia Cham­ber of Com­merce, an or­gan­iz­a­tion that col­lects dues from hun­dreds of hard-work­ing busi­ness own­ers in North­east Phil­adelphia.

This “ad,” which was paid for with those dues, was noth­ing more than a thinly veiled polit­ic­al pro­mo­tion to raise the name re­cog­ni­tion of loc­al polit­ic­al hack Al Tauben­ber­ger, the cham­ber’s pres­id­ent and long-shot can­did­ate for City Coun­cil.

Mr. Tauben­ber­ger, if you are go­ing to pur­chase a full-page ad in the North­east Times with noth­ing more than your pic­ture and a quote, at least have the de­cency to pay for it with your own money. The hard-work­ing, dues-pay­ing, mem­bers of our busi­ness com­munity de­serve bet­ter. 

Ad­di­tion­ally, Mr. Tauben­ber­ger, there is no need to raise your name re­cog­ni­tion in North­east Phil­adelphia — we are well aware of who you are. You are the per­en­ni­al can­did­ate, who every oth­er year de­cides to run for elec­ted of­fice.

And Mr. Tauben­ber­ger, we are all also aware of your less-than-stel­lar re­cord — 0 wins and a whole lot of losses. 

Your in­cess­ant need to run for every elec­ted of­fice that arises in North­east Phil­adelphia has be­come an un­com­fort­able joke that we all hope ends someday soon.

Do us all a fa­vor, Mr. Tauben­ber­ger, please start us­ing the money you col­lect from hard-work­ing busi­ness own­ers in North­east Phil­adelphia to pro­mote com­merce and eco­nom­ic de­vel­op­ment and stop this hope­less, self-pro­mot­ing cam­paign.

Lastly, enough with the de­lu­sions of grandeur.

John Schultz


With de­cision day com­ing, it’s up to you

A simple re­mind­er to please mark Nov. 8 on your cal­en­dar as a day of par­ti­cip­a­tion — VOTE!

In less than two weeks, on Nov. 8, we will have the op­por­tun­ity to once again elect those who hope­fully rep­res­ent our best in­terests, serve our com­munity, and grow our city with­in the po­s­i­tions of may­or, City Coun­cil and com­mis­sion­er.

His­tory has shown a scary pos­sib­il­ity that our cur­rent may­or and City Coun­cil will main­tain their course of idiocy by al­low­ing our great city to de­cline as we edge to­ward the point of bank­ruptcy.

It seems the North­east has al­ways been con­sidered as the whip­ping-boy for many oth­er parts of the city that don’t pay their fair share, but on Nov. 8 we can say “enough” with our vote for those can­did­ates who will of­fer op­tions be­sides in­creas­ing prop­erty taxes, cre­at­ing a wa­ter run­off fee, des­troy­ing the op­por­tun­ity for cre­at­ing good pay­ing jobs and ru­in­ing the school sys­tem as well as the po­ten­tial fu­ture of our chil­dren.

I would like to re­quest your con­sid­er­a­tion on Nov. 8 for pro­mot­ing the con­tinu­ation of Bri­an O’Neill as 10th dis­trict coun­cil­man and Denny O’Bri­en and Joe Mc­Col­gan for at-large coun­cil­men.

Also, a vote for Al Schmidt for city com­mis­sion­er will help us to bet­ter elect people that rep­res­ent our in­terests by work­ing to­ward fairer and more trans­par­ent elec­tions.

With our great num­bers in re­gistered North­east voters, we can lever­age our de­sire to pro­mote re­spons­ible lead­er­ship with­in City Hall. We, with our vote, have the power to cre­ate a pivotal turn­ing point in our neigh­bor­hoods.

Vote on Nov. 8 by push­ing but­tons 119, 123, 124, and 127. Polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Elmer Money

Mor­rell Park

Ed­it­or’s note: Mr. Money lost a bid for a Re­pub­lic­an nom­in­a­tion for Coun­cil at-large in last May’s primary elec­tion.

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