Save the Music Foundation donates $30K to Stearne Elementary

Thirty grand buys a lot of mu­sic.

That money re­cently was awar­ded to the Ste­arne Ele­ment­ary School in Frank­ford by the VH1 Save the Mu­sic Found­a­tion. The fund­ing will pay for eight flutes, 11 cla­ri­nets, three alto sax­o­phones, six trum­pets, four trom­bones, one bell kit, one snare drum, one bass drum, one bass-drum stand, one bass-drum beat­er and one cym­bal kit, said Cheryl Arpa, so­cial-work ser­vice co­ordin­at­or at the school on Unity Street.

The in­stru­ments will be firsts at Ste­arne. “We have a full-time mu­sic teach­er,” Arpa said, “but we’ve nev­er had in­stru­ments.”

Vir­gin­ia T. Lam, the School Dis­trict of Phil­adelphia pro­ject man­ager for re­gion­al tal­ent cen­ters, re­com­men­ded Ste­arne for the VH1 grant, Arpa said.

Ad­di­tion­ally, Ste­arne’s prin­cip­al, Dar­lene Vaughn, was among sev­en city prin­cipals who won the Chris­ti­an R. and Mary Lind­back Found­a­tion’s Dis­tin­guished Prin­cip­al Lead­er­ship Award dur­ing the pre­vi­ous school year. In April, the school dis­trict said Vaughn would use some of that award’s $10,000 sti­pend for in­stru­ments and choir gowns for her pu­pils.

ldquo;We are a small school, but we have big dreams for our chil­dren,” Arpa said. ••

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