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Story Archive October 19 2011

They’re building on hope

Cancer Treatment Centers of America dedicated a “beam of hope” last week as part of its expansion plans.

Testing their limits

Ian Wanjek is a high school junior who is looking forward to an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy.

New group takes shape in Port Richmond

Anger is turning into organization as Port Richmond residents look toward a brighter future and tighter bonds.

Earthship to Emerald

It started with a pile of old tires and some dirt on Emerald Street, but local earthship enthusiasts are hoping it will grow into something much bigger.

Editorial: Pay the CLIP victims

A price was put on justice last week, and the city should make sure the bill is paid quickly.

After weeks, Occupy Philly not losing its voice

On the cool autumn evening of Sunday, Oct. 16, hundreds gathered outside City Hall to discuss the state of the world.

Letters to the editor October 20, 2011 edition

There’s strength in unity of the unemployed

Zombies or ‘Kenzos,’ local writer spares no one

Blogger Joe Quigley hits a raw nerve with blunt criticism of his neighborhood, but hopes readers take it all in stride.