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Editorial: Lousy Louie

Few can argue that racism in Philadelphia has been extinguished. It exists in government, in the form of government contracts reserved for minorities. It exists in the hearts of many people in many neighborhoods. It exists in the subconscious of people. It was part and parcel of a few mayors — Frank “Vote White” Rizzo and John “The brothers and sisters are running the city” Street.

Letters to the editor October 13, 2011 edition

Know people before you condemn them

Actor gets short notice for Walking Fish short play fest

For most of humanity, it’s a safe bet that getting up on stage and acting before a room full of people ranks right up on the fear ladder with things like swimming in shark infested waters.

Pets of the Week

Make a move for Miggio

Tasty Traditions

Advertising is where reality and perception often diverge. But in the case of Momma Dietz, the ads only begin to tell the whole truth.