Editorial: Make their day

The ul­tra-con­ser­vat­ives from the Re­pub­lic­ans’ Tea Party wing. The ul­tra-lib­er­als from the Demo­crats’ Oc­cupy (Name Your City) move­ment. The (shame­fully small num­ber of) ded­ic­ated cit­izens who got off their butts and did their duty at the polls yes­ter­day.

Those groups, and every oth­er Amer­ic­an cit­izen who has ever taken to the streets to verbally bash his gov­ern­ment, called his con­gress­man to of­fer a piece of his mind, or has ever voted for or against elec­ted of­fi­cials/bozos thanks to the secret bal­lot, owe a hu­mong­ous debt of grat­it­ude to the very men and wo­men of all ages and gen­er­a­tions whose cour­age makes our free speech so pre­cious.

They’re our mil­it­ary vet­er­ans. They are the reas­on we move about freely on our pub­lic streets, cri­ti­cize the heck out of our gov­ern­ment and are able to pur­sue hap­pi­ness in what re­mains the freest land in the world.

We pay trib­ute to our her­oes, the vet­er­ans, with a spe­cial sec­tion in this week’s North­east Times.

If you want to per­form a ran­dom act of kind­ness, go pay a vis­it to the re­tired sol­diers at the vet­er­ans home near Southamp­ton and the Boulevard in the Far North­east. Go alone. Go with your loved ones. Go with your whole class if you’re a school­teach­er. Let the vets know you ap­pre­ci­ate what they’ve done for you. It’s sure to make their day.

Like our be­loved po­lice of­ficers and fire­fight­ers, these gentle hu­man be­ings need to know you re­spect them, that you owe them your life, your se­cur­ity.

Tell them you care. It’s guar­an­teed to make you feel good about your­self. Even more im­port­ant, it’ll make our her­oes feel great. ••

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