Story Archive November 30 2011

A bittersweet moment

Thought the pain will never end for the loved ones left behind by fallen police officers, a special delivery makes their holidays a little bit brighter.

For firefighter widows, a gift from the heart

Kathy Perpetua, the Holme Circle woman who sells handmade rosary beads, last week donated $2,235 to the widows’ fund of International Association of Fire Fighters Local 22.

The art of Fishtown

Fishtown is kind of the artistic workshop of Philadelphia." — ‘Friday Arts’ producer Michael O’Reilly

Here’s to home brewing!

Barry’s Homebrew has opened a location in Kensington and is brewing homemade beer on North American Street.

Losing one of their own

Friends and family gathered for a vigil in Kensington for Gregory Loper, a bicyclist who was killed by an alleged drunken driver.

Editorial: Arlene is atrocious

File this one in the chutzpah department: Arlene Ackerman, the vastly overrated, overcompensated superintendent of Philadelphia’s public schools whose clandestine, paranoid management style led to her overdue ouster in August, has filed for unemployment compensation.

Letters to the editor: November 30, 2011 edition

Almost-Councilman Taubenberger thanks the people