Editorial: Arlene is atrocious

File this one in the chutzpah de­part­ment: Ar­lene Ack­er­man, the vastly over­rated, over­com­pensated su­per­in­tend­ent of Phil­adelphia’s pub­lic schools whose clandes­tine, para­noid man­age­ment style led to her over­due ouster in Au­gust, has filed for un­em­ploy­ment com­pens­a­tion.

That’s right up there with Wil­lard Mitt Rom­ney’s joke in June that “I’m also un­em­ployed,” but this is no joke.

Word came Monday that Dr. Ack­er­man has filed for un­em­ploy­ment be­ne­fits and is eli­gible for $573 per week based on her salary. This is des­pite the $905,000 that tax­pay­ers gave her to buy out her con­tract, cour­tesy of her former lack­eys on the School Re­form Com­mis­sion.

Phil­adelphia tax­pay­ers, in­clud­ing the many thou­sands of North­east Philly par­ents who struggle to pay ex­tra to send their kids to private and pa­ro­chi­al schools — in­deed, every­body whose tax money goes to the School Dis­trict of Phil­adelphia — should be totally out­raged by Dr. Ack­er­man’s gall.

All past and present SRC mem­bers who agreed to the buy­out, who did not fire Dr. Ack­er­man for just cause (which would have pre­cluded her buy­out and right to col­lect un­em­ploy­ment be­ne­fits) and who waived the right to op­pose her claim for un­em­ploy­ment be­ne­fits, should hang their heads in shame and face an in­vest­ig­a­tion.

The Ack­er­man fiasco should im­pel the Pennsylvania Le­gis­lature to put mal­feas­ance laws back on the books. Thank­fully, state Rep. Mike McGee­han, a fre­quent crit­ic of Dr. Ack­er­man, is press­ing the state’s De­part­ment of Labor & In­dustry to deny her claim for un­em­ploy­ment be­ne­fits.

Don’t let her get away with it. ••

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