Taking an inside look at the judicial candidates

Be­sides races for may­or and City Coun­cil, voters on Tues­day will see a crowded bal­lot filled with the names of ju­di­cial can­did­ates.

Four loc­al dis­trict Coun­cil races fea­ture just Demo­crats on the bal­lot. Mark Squilla will re­place Frank Di­Cicco in the 1st dis­trict. Dar­rell Clarke will main­tain his 5th dis­trict seat. Maria Quinones-Sanc­hez will re­turn for a second term rep­res­ent­ing the 7th dis­trict. And Mari­an Tasco will be back in the 9th dis­trict.

Clarke and Tasco are hop­ing to suc­ceed the re­tir­ing Anna Ver­na as Coun­cil pres­id­ent.

Squilla and Clarke will rep­res­ent small por­tions of the North­east for the next four years, but their dis­tricts will not in­clude any loc­al di­vi­sions in the 2015 elec­tion, fol­low­ing re­dis­trict­ing.

Quinones-Sanc­hez will also lose many of her North­east di­vi­sions in 2015. She gladly gave up the 56th Ward, where Dan Sav­age crushed her in the primary. Demo­crats forced Re­pub­lic­an Coun­cil­man Bri­an O’Neill to take the whole ward.


Voters will also de­cide two bal­lot ques­tions.

A pro­posed Home Rule Charter change reads, Shall the Phil­adelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to provide for a man­dat­ory Budget Sta­bil­iz­a­tion Re­serve, more com­monly known as a “rainy day fund,” and to provide for re­stric­tions on de­pos­its to and with­draw­als from such Re­serve?

A city bond ques­tions reads, Should the City of Phil­adelphia bor­row ONE HUN­DRED EL­EV­EN MIL­LION TWO HUN­DRED NINETY-FIVE THOU­SAND DOL­LARS ($111,295,000.00) to be spent for and to­ward cap­it­al pur­poses as fol­lows: Trans­it; Streets and San­it­a­tion; Mu­ni­cip­al Build­ings; Parks, Re­cre­ation and Mu­seums; and Eco­nom­ic and Com­munity De­vel­op­ment?


Phil­adelphia will soon get a new sher­iff.

John Green resigned at the end of 2010, and Rhawn­hurst’s Bar­bara Dee­ley has been serving in the po­s­i­tion this year.

The can­did­ates for a full four-year term are Re­pub­lic­an Joshua West, Demo­crat Jew­ell Wil­li­ams and the Green Party’s Cheri Honkala.


Pennsylvania voters will elect two judges. The race for Su­per­i­or Court fea­tures Re­pub­lic­an Vic Sta­bile and Demo­crat Dav­id Wecht.

Wecht will ap­pear on Mar­vin Bar­rish’s Polit­ic­al Shootout on Sunday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. on WIFI (1460 AM). The call-in num­ber is 609-447-0236 (37). The show can also be heard at www.wifiam1460.com 

For Com­mon­wealth Court, it’s a battle of Bucks County law­yers, with Re­pub­lic­an Anne Covey squar­ing off with Demo­crat Kath­ryn Boock­var.

Pennsylvania judges seek­ing re­ten­tion are Su­preme Court Justice J. Mi­chael Eakin, Su­per­i­or Court’s John Bend­er and Mary Jane Bowes and Com­mon­wealth Court’s Ren­ee Cohn Ju­be­lirer, Mary Han­nah Leav­itt and Robin Simpson.


Christine So­lomon, a Castor Gar­dens res­id­ent and long­time Demo­crat­ic lead­er of the 53rd Ward, is poised to be elec­ted to Traffic Court.

So­lomon will face Re­pub­lic­an Lewis Har­ris.

Seek­ing re­ten­tion is Traffic Court Judge Mi­chael Sul­li­van.


There is no drama in the race for two seats on Mu­ni­cip­al Court. Demo­crats Mar­vin Wil­li­ams and Joyce Eu­banks are the only can­did­ates.

Judges run­ning for re­ten­tion are James DeLe­on, Thomas Gehret, Naz­ario Ji­me­nez, Wil­li­am A. Mee­han Jr., Brad Moss, Har­vey Rob­bins, Dav­id Shuter and Kar­en Sim­mons.


El­ev­en slots are open on Com­mon Pleas Court.

Ap­pear­ing on the Re­pub­lic­an bal­lot are Anne Mar­ie Coyle, Jim Di­Ver­gil­is, Ted Vi­gil­ante and Ken Pow­ell.

The Demo­crat­ic can­did­ates are Sean Kennedy, An­gelo Fogli­etta, Di­ana An­halt, Jonath­an Irvine, Bar­bara Mc­Der­mott, Vin­cent John­son, Ed­ward Wright, Car­o­lyn Nich­ols and Thomas No­cella.

Maria McLaugh­lin and Charles Ehr­lich will have their names on both bal­lots.

Com­mon Pleas Court judges who are seek­ing re­ten­tion are Joan Brown, Denis Co­hen, Rose Mar­ie DeFino Nastasi, Thomas De­mp­sey, Kev­in Dougherty, Gary Glazer, Eliza­beth Jack­son, James Mur­ray Lynn, Mar­garet T. Murphy, Arnold New, George Over­ton, Paul Pan­epinto, Nitza Quinones Ale­jandro, Lisa Rau, Robert Reb­stock, Gregory Smith, Al­bert Snite, Earl Trent and Chris Wogan. ••

Re­port­er Tom War­ing can be reached at 215-354-3034 or twar­ing@bsmphilly.com

You can reach at twaring@bsmphilly.com.

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