Shot at, cop shoots back, hits her mark

An of­ficer of Port Rich­mond’s 24th Po­lice Dis­trict was nar­rowly missed by bul­lets dur­ing a mid­after­noon gun­fight on Monday, Oct. 24.

But the thug that shot at the of­ficer wasn’t so lucky, po­lice said.  

Ac­cord­ing to Capt. Tom Dav­id­son of the 24th dis­trict, po­lice found a 37-year-old wo­man with an ab­dom­in­al gun­shot wound at about 4 p.m. at Hart Lane near Kens­ing­ton Av­en­ue.

The wo­man, be­lieved to be a rob­bery vic­tim, was taken to Temple Uni­versity Hos­pit­al in crit­ic­al con­di­tion. Po­lice in the area were giv­en a de­scrip­tion of a sus­pect in the shoot­ing and began a search.

Dav­id­son said an of­ficer — whom he de­clined to name — en­countered 27-year-old Krandale Smalls walk­ing along D Street shortly after the shoot­ing. Dav­id­son said Smalls matched the shoot­er’s de­scrip­tion.

When the of­ficer called to him from her patrol car, Smalls turned and fired sev­er­al shots at her, Dav­id­son said.

The bul­lets hit the of­ficer’s vehicle and she fired back, strik­ing Smalls in the ab­do­men.

The of­ficer’s patrol car sat alone in a po­lice gar­age a day after the shoot­ing. A bul­let mark scarred the door, show­ing where a round hit just inches from where the of­ficer was seated. 

Smalls al­legedly fired at the of­ficer while she was seated in the driver’s side.

An­oth­er bul­let hit the rear driver’s side door.

“He got off a couple shots, and so did she,” said Dav­id­son.

Smalls was taken to Temple Uni­versity Hos­pit­al in crit­ic­al con­di­tion. He’s been charged with at­temp­ted murder, ag­grav­ated as­sault and re­lated of­fenses.

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