O’Reilly and Miller team up for Borgata show

Bill O’Re­illy, god­fath­er of “no spin” and in-your-face tele­vi­sion, and Den­nis Miller, five-time Emmy Award win­ner and the king of ref­er­ences and rants, are team­ing up at the Bor­gata in At­lantic City on Sat­urday Nov. 26, for their Bolder and Fresh­er Tour.

O’Re­illy’s broad­cast ca­reer star­ted in Scrant­on, Pa., and he served as both a loc­al re­port­er and news an­chor in sev­er­al oth­er cit­ies. But it was when he landed at Fox News in 1996 and began The O’Re­illy Factor that he achieved his cur­rent na­tion­al and in­ter­na­tion­al stature and enorm­ous fol­low­ing.

As for Miller, since 2007, he’s been heard five days a week on his na­tion­ally syn­dic­ated and crit­ic­ally ac­claimed talk show. He’s also been fea­tured on many oth­er shows, in­clud­ing polit­ic­ally ori­ented tele­vi­sion talk shows, most reg­u­larly on O’Re­illy’s show.

“We did this Bolder and Fresh­er show to­geth­er not long ago at West­bury (Conn.) and it went so well, we de­cided to do it again,” said Miller. “In At­lantic City, audi­ences will get to hear my thirty-five minutes of stand-up. Then O’Re­illy will go out there. Then we’ll take a break, and then do thirty-five minutes to­geth­er. The fact that we don’t over­lap makes for a great show, in my opin­ion.”

In fact, he con­tin­ued, “People who watch us on O’Re­illy’s show and say we’re nev­er funny must have missed the point. At times, we do talk is­sues, and oth­er times we just flat-out laugh. There are lots of people say­ing O’Re­illy’s not funny. Then they haven’t really giv­en him a good look.”

Miller ac­know­ledged that he star­ted his ca­reer as a stand-up. In fact, it was while do­ing stand-up at a Los Angeles com­edy club that that he was dis­covered by Sat­urday Night Live pro­du­cer Lorne Mi­chaels.

Mi­chaels hired him, and in 1985 Miller rose to na­tion­al fame as the show’s new Week­end Up­date com­ment­at­or.

“I am ba­sic­ally a stand-up comedi­an. That’s how I star­ted out and that’s who I still am,” said Miller. 

But he also has a well-de­veloped in­terest in polit­ics.

“When I was do­ing polit­ic­al hu­mor on SNL, my job was to rip the pres­id­ent, which was Re­agan at the time,” he said, “but I wasn’t cer­tain enough (about the dir­ec­tion of the coun­try) to stay a lib­er­al, so I began to change and star­ted go­ing with what I know, and what I know is this: First of all, I’d like to keep half my money. And secondly, if my dis­agree­ing with some nut out there who’s will­ing to strap a bomb to his kid over­seas makes me a con­ser­vat­ive, then today, yes, I am a con­ser­vat­ive.”

Apart from the polit­ic­al arena, Miller has also achieved some suc­cess in the lit­er­ary world with four books, I Rant There­fore I Am; The Rants; Rant­ing Again; and The Rant Zone, all of which have been New York Times best sellers.

For two sea­sons, Miller called the plays along­side Al Mi­chaels and NFL Hall of Fame quar­ter­back Dan Fouts on ABC’s Monday Night Foot­ball.

Ad­di­tion­ally, Miller has been cast in films, in­clud­ing Dis­clos­ure, The Net and Murder at 1600 Pennsylvania Av­en­ue.

“Look­ing back at my ca­reer, I think I’ve done well,” Miller said. “But I’m the kind of guy who takes show busi­ness about as ser­i­ously as it should be taken, which is not all that ser­i­ous at all. I’ve been fired from lots of jobs, but all I need is one day to lick my wounds and I’m back at it.”

For now, Miller, 58, plans to keep work­ing hard at his many crafts, but he looks for­ward to the day he can re­tire. With a wife and two chil­dren in tow, some day, he said, he’d like to just take a boat up the Nile or go for a train ride across Canada.

Said Miller: “The thing that I’m most proud of today is that I’ve been able to make a liv­ing at something I love do­ing and keep my head above wa­ter. I just hope I can con­tin­ue do­ing so.” ••

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