Story Archive November 02 2011

BB gun stand-off gives residents a Halloween scare

The incident closed Frankford avenue and ended with a SWAT raid.

NoLibs updates: Parks, Plans, and a place called 'Phlirt'

The neighborhood's monthly civic meeting touched on a number of topics, from beautification projects to an all-ages club on Delaware Avenue.

Shot at, cop shoots back, hits her mark

An officer of Port Richmond’s 24th Police District was narrowly missed by bullets during a midafternoon gunfight on Monday, Oct. 24.

UPDATE: PennDOT work on Girard Ave. bridge starts

With work starting on the Girard Avenue interchange in Fishtown, the Route 15 trolleys will likely be missing from Richmond Street for a few years, using a new loop on Frankford Avenue instead.

Nutter to absentee property owners: See you in court

The city is using a one-two punch to fine owners of blighted property and take them to court.

Editorial: Send a message

Four angry men. The Courageous Quartet. Two Republicans, two Democrats. Bobby Henon, Joe McColgan, Bill Rubin and Al Taubenberger.

Letters to the editor November 2, 2011 edition

Go with gold in honor of the children

Up to the challenge

Kevin Meehan has had roles in varied productions ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary comedy. But his role in the Wilma Theater’s current production is unlike anything he’s done.

Charlie Murphy doesn’t need Eddie for a job reference

Although Charlie Murphy has appeared in countless films since the late 1980s, toured in many countries, and even gained a name for himself after his appearances on The Dave Chappelle Show, there’s no denying that there are still people out there who think of him only as Eddie Murphy’s older brother.

Martha Marcy May Marlene explores the haunting effects of cults

Martha Marcy May Marlene has received a lot of press for its star Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sister of former child stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.