Little Baby’s Ice Cream brings quirky flavor to Trenton arts fest

Maybe it’s something about the fun-lov­ing nature of the treat, but it is fair to say that ice cream — like many in­dul­gent treats — can bring people to­geth­er.

And per­haps, in no place is this more evid­ent — only ec­lipsed by the two friendly founders of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream — than in Kens­ing­ton’s own Little Baby’s Ice Cream.

Co-own­er Pete An­gev­ine, of East Kens­ing­ton, said he came in­to part­ner­ship with fel­low own­ers Jeff Ziga and Mar­tin Brown after hav­ing spent time mak­ing homemade ice cream on his own.

The men shared a com­mon bond, a love of ice cream, and in part­ner­ship, they have cre­ated a unique — some might say un­usu­al — se­lec­tion of ice cream which will launch dur­ing this year’s Trenton Av­en­ue Arts Fest and Kens­ing­ton Kin­et­ic Sculp­ture Derby.

“We look at ice cream as a new out­let to have fun with friends and bring people to­geth­er,” said An­gev­ine.

This week­end, Little Baby’s Ice Cream will be premier­ing an ice cream tri­cycle (a sus­tain­able take on the tra­di­tion­al ice cream truck) at the week­end event in or­der to in­tro­duce the new ice cream to the pub­lic.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream isn’t simply chocol­ate, vanilla and straw­berry. In­stead, how about a cone of Earl Grey Sri­r­acha? Or maybe Bal­sam­ic Ba­nana is more to your taste?

“It’s a little bit new and dif­fer­ent,” ac­know­ledged An­gev­ine. “(Ice cream) is a great way to use your ima­gin­a­tion and ex­per­i­ment.”

Still, he said, while the fla­vors like Car­damom Car­a­mel and Cof­fee Tof­fee might sound un­usu­al, the point of the busi­ness is to provide de­li­cious ice cream in new fla­vor com­bin­a­tions that cus­tom­ers might not ini­tially sus­pect.

“It’s a feel­ing I’ve al­ways strived for, that one where you’re con­fused and grat­i­fied at the same time,” he said.

For now, the com­pany has no store­front loc­a­tion to sell the product, though the own­ers hope to have a spot when Pizza Brain opens in its planned spot on Frank­ford Av­en­ue.

But, the com­pany will be at area events, in­clud­ing this week­end’s Kin­et­ic Kens­ing­ton Derby and Trenton Av­en­ue Arts Fest­iv­al and the up­com­ing Punk Rock Flea Mar­ket.


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