All You Need is Love at St. William Elementary School

The kids at St. Wil­li­ams per­form “All You Need Is Love” by the Beetles dur­ing the arts and lit­er­acy fair, Wed­nes­day, May 11, 2011, Phil­adelphia, Pa. Throughout the even­ing, every class at St. Wil­li­ams per­formed dif­fer­ent Beetles songs. (Maria Pouch­nikova)


The pu­pils at St. Wil­li­am Ele­ment­ary School in Lawndale last week turned their art and lit­er­acy fair in­to a “Ma­gic­al Mys­tery Tour” in the par­ish hall.

Much of the work that the young people cre­ated this school year was on dis­play on tables and walls, and the kinder­garten through eighth-grade pu­pils en­ter­tained their par­ents and oth­ers by per­form­ing a col­lec­tion of Beatles songs.

As the words in the song Ma­gic­al Mys­tery Tour say, the chil­dren ex­plained to their moms and dads that they were “com­ing to take you away” from the hustle and bustle of 2011 back to the 1960s, a dec­ade filled with di­versity, con­flict, hope and change in fash­ions, auto­mo­biles, dance crazes and mu­sic.

The young­sters wore tie-dyed T-shirts and neck­laces, glasses and head­bands ad­orned with peace signs. They sang, danced and played make-be­lieve gui­tars on­stage.

The fea­tured se­lec­tions in­cluded Hello, Good­bye; I Want to Hold Your Hand; Oc­topus’ Garden; Love Me Do; Yel­low Sub­mar­ine; All You Need is Love; Twist and Shout and Here Comes the Sun.

The eighth-graders offered a med­ley of Beatles songs, ac­com­pan­ied by a slide show of classroom activ­it­ies.

The kinder­gart­ners closed the night with an en­core per­form­ance, singing All To­geth­er Now.

The 1960s ex­per­i­ence was cre­ated by the fac­ulty to spread the love that the chil­dren have for one an­oth­er and the school.

Be­sides fam­il­ies, the guest list in­cluded the Rev. Joseph Wat­son, the par­ish pas­tor, and Sis­ter Cath­er­ine Clark, the school prin­cip­al.


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