‘Mayfair May Fair’ poured on the fun


About 390 people took part in Sat­urday’s May­fair Fallen Her­oes 5k Run/Walk, while the May­fair May Fair at­trac­ted some large crowds along Frank­ford Av­en­ue un­til heavy rains came dur­ing the af­ter­noon.

Mark Mulray (time of 19:30) and Kim Pawlowski (20:12) were the male and fe­male win­ners of the third an­nu­al run, which takes par­ti­cipants around Ab­ra­ham Lin­coln High School, Pennypack Park and Aus­tin Mee­han Middle School.

Pawlowski is the wid­ow of po­lice of­ficer John Pawlowski, who was shot to death in 2009 dur­ing a dis­pute between two men at Broad Street and Ol­ney Av­en­ue.

The May­fair Civic As­so­ci­ation and May­fair Busi­ness As­so­ci­ation sponsored the event. Pro­ceeds be­nefited Hero Thrill Show Inc., which gives col­lege schol­ar­ships to the chil­dren of Phil­adelphia po­lice of­ficers and fire­fight­ers who have been killed or dis­abled in the line of duty; the Sgt. Patrick Mc­Don­ald Schol­ar­ship Fund; and May­fair Me­mori­al Play­ground.

The run was held in Mc­Don­ald’s memory. His mom, Patsy, was in at­tend­ance. The fourth an­nu­al May Fair fea­tured side­walk sales, giveaways and prizes. High­lights in­cluded the 15th Po­lice Dis­trict Ad­vis­ory Coun­cil com­munity day at Frank­ford and Ry­an av­en­ues and a Phil­adelphia Soft Pret­zel Fact­ory-sponsored cheesesteak pret­zel-eat­ing con­test, pony rides and Moon­bounce at Frank­ford and Bleigh av­en­ues.

The loc­al busi­ness and civic as­so­ci­ations presen­ted two awards.

May­fair Shop n Bag, at 6420 Frank­ford Ave., was named Busi­ness of the Year.

Reese Hartey, who has served for 12 years as chair­man of the May­fair Com­munity De­vel­op­ment Corp., re­ceived the Pub­lic Ser­vant Award. He’s leav­ing his post on May 27.

The 15th PDAC honored Kathy Fan­ning, the cross­ing guard at Row­land Av­en­ue and Wel­ling­ton Street. She has served for more than 26 years.

Here are the res­ults of the Fallen Her­oes Run:


Over­all: 1. Mark Mulray, 19:30; 2. Steve Pa­pe, 20:12; 3. Charles Robi­erowski, 20:57.

19-un­der: 1. Gregory Ko­vacs, 24:08; 2. Jake Cur­ran, 26:03; 3. Brad Mc­Der­mott, 26:08.

20-29: 1. Steve Cos­tello, 21:20; 2. Den­nis Mc­Grail, 22:15; 3. Daniel Bren­nan, 22:42.

30-39: 1. Chris Leary, 21:17; 2. Ry­an Lowry, 21:25; 3. Mi­chael Haney, 21:58.

40-49: 1. Mike Brown, 21:22; 2. Wil­li­am Terry, 23:21; 3. Mi­chael Fo­ley, 24:40.

50-59: 1. Joseph Smith, 22:00; 2. Den­nis O’Rourke 22:21; 3. Robert Mont­gomery, 25:04.

60-over: 1. Stu Madres, 23:29; 2. Wil­li­am Tof­fey, 25:16; 3. George Roddy, 25:59.


Over­all: 1. Kim Pawlowski, 20:12; 2. Kait Tait, 23:26; 3. Mar­garet Ries, 23:41.

19-un­der: 1. Kaitlynne Brown, 27:13; 2. Han­nah Co­chrane, 27:42; 3. Claire Co­chrane, 27:44.

20-29: 1. Gina Fe­lice, 24:03; 2. Kelly Ry­an, 24:07; 3. Emily Gelings, 24:49.

30-39: 1. Susan Daugh­erty, 23:48; 2. Kelly Smith, 23:49; 3. Megan Whalen, 24:46.

40-49: 1. Christine Mc­Shea, 24:05; 2. Lor­ie Hen­ninger, 28:38; 3. Kim­berly Bern­er, 30:10.

50-59: 1. Ju­dith Tag­gart, 27:53; 2. Dawn Grob, 29:52; 3. Debby Mc­Grail, 30:21. 

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