St. Anselm has the power of prayer


Bish­op Mi­chael J. Fitzger­ald re­cently blessed and ded­ic­ated the new Pray­er Garden at St. An­selm Par­ish in Park­wood.

The ce­re­mony took place fol­low­ing the 10 o’clock Mass.

The garden fea­tures an en­trance walk­way, Sta­tions of the Cross, a patio, tulips and oth­er flowers, a dog­wood tree, rose bushes, statues, cross, a bird­bath, wa­ter­fall and a “ros­ary walk.” It is loc­ated be­hind the Spir­itu­al­ity Cen­ter, formerly the con­vent.

Over the last three years, the St. An­selm com­munity raised more than $50,000 to con­struct the garden through dona­tions and the sales of me­mori­al bricks, all without tak­ing money from par­ish funds.


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