St. Martin of Tours students awarded scholarships

The Danny Craige Found­a­tion presen­ted three schol­ar­ships at the re­cent St. Mar­tin of Tours gradu­ation awards ce­re­mony.

Craige was a St. Mar­tin’s gradu­ate who died of eso­pha­geal can­cer in 2006 at age 56. He coached sports for more than 40 years, dir­ect­ing foot­ball teams at Frank­ford Boys Club and bas­ket­ball teams at St. Mar­tin’s and St. Bede the Ven­er­able. He also was a bas­ket­ball scout for Ger­man­town Academy.

After his death, the St. Bede CYO and his fam­ily cre­ated a found­a­tion in his memory.

The found­a­tion’s mis­sion is to help area youths to con­tin­ue their edu­ca­tions, thereby en­abling them to foster Craige’s leg­acy of fam­ily, caring, the im­port­ance of be­ing in­volved and giv­ing back to the com­munity and the es­tab­lish­ment of lifelong friend­ships along the way.

Schol­ar­ships are presen­ted to stu­dents at St. Mar­tin and St. Bede, in Hol­land, Bucks County.

Stu­dents write es­says and fill out ap­plic­a­tions that in­clude per­son­al and teach­er ref­er­ences.

The win­ners are those who most closely em­body the char­ac­ter­ist­ics that Craige showed throughout his life. The board of dir­ect­ors looks for young people with a fam­ily first at­ti­tude, aca­dem­ic achieve­ment and civic and ath­let­ic in­volve­ment.

This year’s win­ners at St. Mar­tin’s were gradu­at­ing eighth-graders Tre Smith, Brendan Gra­ham and Lud­meya Renois.

“The St. Mar­tin’s people are so ap­pre­ci­at­ive of the help,” said Chalie Craige, Danny’s young­er broth­er.

The gradu­ation Mass took place on the morn­ing of June 15 and was cel­eb­rated by Monsignor Ed­ward De­li­man, the St. Mar­tin’s pas­tor who has since been as­signed to Our Lady of Fatima Par­ish in Ben­s­alem, and the Revs. Chris­toph­er Cooke, James Catag­nus and John Har­kins.

Cooke is a vicar at St. Mar­tin’s. Catag­nus and Har­kins are as­signed to St. Am­brose, with Catag­nus as the pas­tor. St. Am­brose School closed in 2006, and the stu­dents were sent to St. Mar­tin’s.

In all, 61 boys and girls gradu­ated. The awards ce­re­mony was held in the even­ing.

Smith, Gra­ham and Renois won the Pres­id­en­tial Award for Edu­ca­tion­al Ex­cel­lence and were among 10 stu­dents earn­ing a total of $111,600 in schol­ar­ships.

Smith will at­tend Ro­man Cath­ol­ic High School.

Gra­ham also won a schol­ar­ship sponsored by the Fath­er Judge Alumni As­so­ci­ation.

Renois earned a Con­nelly Found­a­tion grant and the Little Flower St. Ther­ese Schol­ar­ship.

The St. Bede win­ners were Marah Hayes, Ry­an Ne­her, Maken­zie Leh and James Kent. All will at­tend Arch­bish­op Wood.

The found­a­tion also made a dona­tion to La Salle Academy, a private ele­ment­ary school near Second and Jef­fer­son streets.

Since the found­a­tion began, more than $130,000 in schol­ar­ship money has been donated. Money is raised at a golf out­ing and a beef and beer.

“It’s a labor of love,” Chalie Craige said. ••

Dona­tions can be sent to the Danny Craige Found­a­tion, 66 Green Drive, Churchville, PA 18966.

You can reach at

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