Kiwanis salutes achievers

The Kiwanis Club of Club Phil-Mont presen­ted the An­thony M. Leto Com­munity Ser­vice Award to re­cent St. Wil­li­am Ele­ment­ary School gradu­ate Joshua Cruz and the Wal­ter Gim­bel Schol­ar­ship Award to Bish­op McDe­vitt High School gradu­ate Amy Keever (left) and Ar­ca­dia Uni­versity stu­dent Kira Mar­chione. The stu­dents were re­cog­nized at a din­ner on June 7 at Kelly’s Seaford, 9362 Old Bustleton Ave. They are pic­tured with Jim Spadotto, a past pres­id­ent of the Kiwanis club.

The Kiwanis Club of Phil-Mont has presen­ted two schol­ar­ships and a com­munity ser­vice award to loc­al stu­dents.

The awards din­ner took place on June 9 at Kelly’s Sea­food res­taur­ant, at 9362 Old Bustleton Ave.

The Wal­ter Gim­bel Schol­ar­ship Award is named in memory of a long­time mem­ber and past pres­id­ent known as the “fath­er of the club” for his al­most half-cen­tury of ser­vice.

One schol­ar­ship win­ner was Kira Mar­chione, a Ne­sham­iny High School gradu­ate who’ll be a seni­or at Ar­ca­dia Uni­versity, where she is en­rolled in a five-year pro­gram that al­lows a stu­dent to earn a bach­el­or’s de­gree in ele­ment­ary edu­ca­tion and a mas­ter’s in spe­cial edu­ca­tion. 

The oth­er schol­ar­ship win­ner was Amy Keever, who gradu­ated from Bish­op McDe­vitt High School. A Lawndale res­id­ent, she is pres­id­ent of the St. Wil­li­am CYO. She’ll en­roll in the busi­ness hon­ors col­lege at Drexel Uni­versity.

The An­thony M. Leto Com­munity Ser­vice Award is named in memory of a past pres­id­ent. This year’s win­ner is Joshua Cruz, who gradu­ated last week from St. Wil­li­am.

Joshua, 14, suffered the loss of his fath­er, Bal­bino, two years ago. His moth­er Rosa works three jobs, and he takes care of his 10-year-old sis­ter and grand­moth­er.

The teen­ager is a patrol lead­er with St. Helena-based Boy Scout Troop 109, and he plans to be­come an Eagle Scout. He is an al­tar serv­er for the Span­ish Mass at St. Wil­li­am. 

He’ll at­tend Ro­man Cath­ol­ic High School. ••

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