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Fath­er Judge grad Matt Glas­gow re­turned to his alma ma­ter this year to prac­tice his teach­ing skills. He didn’t count on win­ning a key edu­cat­or award.

Matt Glas­gow, a Fath­er Judge gradu­ate who did his stu­dent teach­ing at Judge, was named Stu­dent Teach­er of the Year at Temple’s re­cent gradu­ation. Kev­in Cook/for the Times

Matt Glas­gow ac­know­ledged be­ing nervous as a stu­dent-teach­er, es­pe­cially on the four days that Temple Uni­versity su­per­vising teach­er Dav­id Murphy sat in the back of the room tak­ing notes.

A 2006 gradu­ate of Fath­er Judge High School, Glas­gow re­turned to his alma ma­ter earli­er this year to ful­fill his stu­dent-teach­er re­quire­ment, the fi­nal step to earn­ing a de­gree in edu­ca­tion/Eng­lish.

“Ap­par­ently I did pretty well be­cause he gave me an ‘A’ and re­com­men­ded me for Stu­dent-Teach­er of the Year,” Glas­gow said of Murphy.

In nom­in­at­ing Glas­gow, Murphy cited his pro­fes­sion­al style, use of tech­no­logy, the way he en­gaged the stu­dents in classroom dis­cus­sion and the work­sheets he de­veloped.

The 23-year-old Glas­gow not only was nom­in­ated for the award, but he pre­vailed among more than 300 gradu­at­ing Temple edu­ca­tion ma­jors.

“It’s an hon­or to get something like that,” he said.

The award will look good on a re­sume, and the win­ner re­ceived a cer­ti­fic­ate, pen and high­light­er on gradu­ation day, May 12.

A Holme Circle res­id­ent, Glas­gow is cer­ti­fied to teach sev­enth through 12th grades. He is look­ing for a teach­ing job and has ap­plied to, among oth­ers, the Arch­diocese of Phil­adelphia. He wouldn’t mind a re­turn to his alma ma­ter.

“I’d love to be back here, def­in­itely,” he said.

A gradu­ate of St. Jerome Ele­ment­ary School, Glas­gow com­pleted a prac­tic­um at Gen. George G. Meade School and Ben­jamin Frank­lin High School.

The Frank­lin stu­dents, he noted, did not have the best at­tend­ance re­cord and wer­en’t al­ways on their best be­ha­vi­or, at least com­pared to his ex­per­i­ence at Judge.

“I didn’t know how it was go­ing to be at first,” he said of his re­turn to Judge, “but the kids were nice and real easy to deal with. I really en­joyed it.”

At Judge, classes start at 7:40 a.m., and Glas­gow worked each day from Jan. 20 to the end of April. He handled a class of up to 35 stu­dents for 45 minutes each.

The as­pir­ing teach­er re­ceived his as­sign­ment only a couple of days ahead of time.

“I went here, so that was good, I knew my way around,” he said.

Den­ise D’Aulerio teaches Eng­lish I to five classes of fresh­men in Room 224, the room where Glas­gow was as­signed.

“He did an amaz­ing job this year,” she said. “He gradu­ally took own­er­ship of the class. The boys really took to him.”

Glas­gow cred­its D’Aulerio for eas­ing him in­to the classroom activ­it­ies.

“She really guided me throughout,” he said. “She was ex­cel­lent to work with.”

At Temple, the stu­dent-teach­ers were told that, while they can main­tain friendly re­la­tion­ships with the stu­dents, they must also dis­play au­thor­ity.

As a way of in­tro­duc­tion, he told the stu­dents to call him “Mr. G.” The stu­dents liked his pres­ence in the classroom.

“He seemed to get through to us,” said Evan Corner.

The classes in­cluded po­etry, writ­ing, gram­mar, vocab­u­lary and a study of the book The Odys­sey.

“He taught me how to write,” said Kyle Price.

To make things a little more in­ter­est­ing, Glas­gow had the stu­dents per­form dra­mat­ic read­ings of The Odys­sey and used Google Earth to track the char­ac­ters’ move­ment.

He en­cour­aged them to craft a poem by us­ing every­day events in their lives. To re­ceive their “exit tick­et,” each stu­dent had to sub­mit a writ­ten an­swer to a ques­tion on their way out the door.

Along the way, Glas­gow de­veloped a test that the stu­dents did not ex­actly ace. He ad­mit­ted it was filled with some tough ques­tions.

Still, the stu­dents said their teach­er kept the smile on his face throughout his 14-week stint.

“He’s soft-spoken and did not get angry,” said Mi­chael Taffe.

At the head of the class, Glas­gow tried to get every­one in­volved.

“I’m more of an in­ter­act­ive teach­er than lec­ture-based,” he said. “I nev­er like to lec­ture for forty minutes. I bore my­self if I talk too long, and (it) would bore the stu­dents. I like to ask them ques­tions and do in­ter­act­ive things.”

The stu­dents liked the ap­proach.

“I love Mr. G. He’s awe­some,” said Joe Skod­c­in­ski.

Glas­gow, who was on Judge’s light­weight four crew team that won the Cath­ol­ic League cham­pi­on­ship race his seni­or year, had a ful­filling time as a stu­dent and was happy to help the young Cru­saders through Eng­lish I.

“I felt really lucky to come back here. I really en­joyed it,” he said. “The fac­ulty and every­one were so nice. It’s a good com­munity at­mo­sphere.” ••

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