Story Archive June 15 2011

City Council could OK Grasso venue

Last week, a City Council committee OK’d a bill that would alter zoning and make the 34,000-square-foot music venue possible, with plans to vote Thursday, June 16, on the bill.

Letters to the editor, June 16, 2011

'Farm to Families' makes eating fresh easy (and cheap)

Now open to just about anyone, the Farm to Families program makes picking up a weekly box of fresh, locally produced food easy and affordable.

Visitation BVM vies for dollars, national name

Visitation BVM Parish could win a $25,000 grant to make sure it continues to matter to its neighborhood.

I-95 expansion could see billboard shakeup in Port Richmond, Bridesburg

While advertising companies are fighting to keep their hold as the highway grows, some see an opportunity to eliminate the signs or bring them into compliance.

Fursaxa, Kraus merge supernatural and natural at Highwire gig

The far out Philly folk of Fursaxa will follow British folk artist Sharon Kraus at Highwire Gallery in Fishtown this Friday.