Cheers for students

The Times and the Rotary Club sa­lute five gradu­at­ing seni­ors for aca­dem­ics and ef­forts in the com­munity.

The Frank­ford-North­east Phil­adelphia Rotary Club and the North­east Times re­cently honored five loc­al high school seni­ors with col­lege schol­ar­ships.

The Rotary Club, which meets every Tues­day af­ter­noon from 12:15 to 1:30 at Cannstat­ter’s, at 9130 Academy Road, presen­ted schol­ar­ship awards to North­east’s Olga Bo­hush, Ab­ra­ham Lin­coln’s Geethu-Robert Pal­likkathay­il and St. Hubert’s Ash­ley Hero and Teresa Koz­in.

The Times re­cog­nized Fath­er Judge’s Shawn Walls.

Bo­hush, a nat­ive of Be­larus, has lived in the United States for six years. She gradu­ated from the Far­rell Ele­ment­ary School be­fore en­rolling at North­east. She tu­tors fel­low stu­dents born in oth­er coun­tries and par­ti­cip­ated in a mul­ti­cul­tur­al show. She’ll at­tend Com­munity Col­lege of Phil­adelphia and hopes to even­tu­ally study busi­ness or phar­macy.

Pal­likkathay­il, a nat­ive of In­dia, has lived in the United States for four years. She is a mem­ber of the Na­tion­al Hon­or So­ci­ety, stu­dent coun­cil and the bowl­ing, bad­min­ton and field hockey teams. She joined oth­er stu­dents in de­liv­er­ing Christ­mas presents to res­id­ents of a loc­al nurs­ing home. She will at­tend Penn State to study crim­in­al justice, with hopes of join­ing the FBI.

Hero at­ten­ded Re­sur­rec­tion of Our Lord be­fore St. Hubert. She is pres­id­ent of the school chor­us and led fel­low stu­dents in singing Christ­mas car­ols for the pa­tients and staff of Naz­areth Hos­pit­al. She also has taken part in a walk for breast-can­cer aware­ness. She’ll at­tend Neu­mann Uni­versity in As­ton, Pa., and is con­sid­er­ing ma­jor­ing in bio­med­ic­al en­gin­eer­ing.

Koz­in also is a Re­sur­rec­tion gradu­ate and will at­tend Neu­mann, study­ing arts and theat­er pro­duc­tion. She is a mem­ber of the school Ir­ish Club, or­ches­tra, wind en­semble and choir, and she was cap­tain of the swim­ming team. She also worked at Camp COLEY, a sum­mer op­por­tun­ity for boys and girls ages 8-18.

Walls is sec­ret­ary of the stu­dent coun­cil, a mem­ber of the Na­tion­al Hon­or So­ci­ety, ed­it­or-in-chief of the year­book, cap­tain of the swim­ming team and a ment­or for the swim­ming team at his alma ma­ter, St. Mat­thew. As a mem­ber of the foot­ball team, he helped re­paint Lin­coln’s Bar­foot Bowl. He took part in a home­less night out and Op­er­a­tion Santa Claus, de­liv­er­ing Christ­mas presents to home­less and needy kids. He’ll at­tend the Uni­versity of Pitt­s­burgh and ma­jor in mech­an­ic­al en­gin­eer­ing.

Also at the May 24 meet­ing, guest speak­er Tyler Urzi spoke about the im­port­ance of nu­tri­tion and ex­er­cise.

“Those be­ne­fits mul­tiply when com­bined to­geth­er,” he said.

Urzi, who has bach­el­or’s and mas­ter’s de­grees from West Chester Uni­versity, is a fit­ness train­er, nu­tri­tion coun­selor, sports per­form­ance coach and cer­ti­fied strength and con­di­tion­ing coach. He be­lieves a fo­cus on nu­tri­tion might be more be­ne­fi­cial be­cause of the can­cers and dis­eases that can be caused, in part, by a poor diet.

“The soon­er you start chan­ging habits, the soon­er you be­come healthy,” he said.

Prop­er nu­tri­tion helped Urzi, 27, win a re­cent body­build­ing com­pet­i­tion in the light­weight class. It was his first com­pet­i­tion, and he spent 12 weeks pre­par­ing. By win­ning, he qual­i­fied for an­oth­er com­pet­i­tion in Ju­ly.

Urzi urged the schol­ar­ship award win­ners and the Rotary Club mem­bers to eat the right things at the right time of day and in por­tions. People should con­sume a source of nu­tri­ents five or six times per day, al­low­ing two to four hours between each eat­ing.

As you’d ex­pect, he’s a big fan of ve­get­ables. “You can eat as many ve­g­gies as your little heart de­sires,” he said. ••

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